Na Zdarovia Dmitry Rybolovlev! Fertilizer Kingpin Buys Sandy Weill’s $88 M. Penthouse

dmitry e1324230203814 Na Zdarovia Dmitry Rybolovlev! Fertilizer Kingpin Buys Sandy Weills $88 M. Penthouse

Dmitry Rybolovlev. (Getty)

Dmitry Rybolovlev has been a busy man lately. He is in the middle of a bitter divorce that could cost him more than $6 billion (when finalized it will be the world’s costliest divorce), but he has still found the time and funds to buy a struggling AS Monaco soccer team and, it turns out, the most expensive home in the history of Manhattan real estate. Well-connected sources have confirmed to The Observer that the mystery Russian chemist behind the sale of Sandy Weill’s $88 million penthouse at 15 Central Park West is indeed Mr. Rybolovlev.

The flaxen-haired Russian originally trained in medicine but began buying industrial concerns in the early 1990s during Russia’s wildly unregulated privatization period. Ultimately running one of the country’s largest potash fertilizer concerns, Uralkali, Mr. Rybolovev began to establish his formidable fortune. In 1996 he was accused of murdering a fellow businessman and spent close to a year in prison.

Ultimately acquitted for lack of evidence, Mr. Rybolovlev went on to quietly corner the potassium fertilizer market in Russia, raking in bundles of rubles for his efforts. As of March this year, Mr. Rybolovlev was the 93rd richest person in the world with a net worth around $9.5 billion. Were he to move in full-time, that would make him the fifth richest New Yorker, behind David Koch, Mayor Bloomberg, John Paulson and Ronald Perelman. Should his basketball-loving comrade Mikhail Prokhorov finally buy a place here, that would knock Mr. Rybolovlev down to sixth place.

Inside an $88 million apartment >>

This is not the first time a rich Russian has set real estate records this year. The current belt is held by Igor Krutoy, a Russian composer who paid $48 million for a massive spread just across the park at the Plaza. Meanwhile, 15 Central Park West—the best building ever built—has attracted fellow foreigners at the top, where the building’s developer William Lie Zeckendorf sold another penthouse for $40 million last December to a Taiwanese-born American GPS mogul. That had been the highest sale on a per-square-foot basis, but Mr. Rybolvlev surpasses that by a few dollars. Not more, you ask? Well, his 6744-square-foot spread is more than twice as big. Speaking of big, this sale also trumps the biggest residential real estate sale ever in the city by a cool $35 million—J. Christopher Flowers’ purchase of the Harkness Mansion for $53 million in 2006.

800937 15 central park west new york Na Zdarovia Dmitry Rybolovlev! Fertilizer Kingpin Buys Sandy Weills $88 M. Penthouse

A floorplan like none other. (Streeteasy)

Inside Mr. Weill’s palatial skyline sprawl, for which he paid $43 .7 million in 2007, Mr. Rybolovlev will enjoy 10 massive rooms overlooking Central Park and a 2,077-square-foot wraparound terrace. Brown Harris Stevens broker Kyle Blackmon describes the space in his listing with one line, really the only line, necessary: “The Penthouse at 15 Central Park West.” Brown Harris Stevens declined to comment.

Architectural Digest, which featured the place in April 2010, is more generous with the details. Robert A.M. Stern, who created 15 CPW, worked with interior designer Mica Ertegün. They “proceeded to lay out the plan of the apartment, making the ceilings as high (13 and a half feet), and the windows as high and wide, as they could. The sweep of space they configured made possible a Versailles-like enfilade of grand rooms with views. From his headquarters directly across the park the client was able to monitor the progress on his apartment with binoculars.”

That also means Mr. Weill  can still keep an eye on Mr. Rybolovlev, including whatever he might be up to in the unusual elliptical-shaped master bedroom. There are three other bedrooms, a skylit gallery, a den with a bar and a library with a wood-burning fireplace. Closets total 17, seven of which are walk-ins.

The only chemists who could afford New York’s priciest pad >>

The fertilizer kingpin is no stranger to staggering real estate. In 2008, he purchased Donald Trump’s 33,000-square-foot Florida estate, Maison L’Amitie, for $95 million. Last year he liquidated over $6 billion of  his company’s stock after it was announced the company would soon merge with another Russian potash fertilizer concern. Meanwhile, Ms. Rybolovlev is attempting to wrest control of the Florida mansion, and Forbes reported that Mr. Rybolovlev has been living “on the tax shelter island of Cyprus” for the past several months. The old Mediterranean getaway—classic oligarch move!  With the soon to be ex-wife fuming about his many dalliances in court (including several on the couple’s $72 million motor yacht) Mr. Rybolovlev has been trying to keep a low profile.

That has not always worked. Last summer, a minor scandal ensued after Mr. Rybolovlev gave California Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom a gilded Louis Vuitton pen. The Huffington Post contacted John Helmer, a Russian correspondent for South Africa’s Businessday who has reported extensively on the Russian tycoon’s life. “Secrecy is next to cleanliness in his order of importance,” he told HuffPo of Mr. Rybolovlev’s furtive business dealings.

Funny way to keep things private, buying a Manhattan apartment. Moscow may have the most expensive market in the world, but New York’s is still king.


  1. not sure says:

    now that’s what call occupy

  2. Antique says:

    The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming!

    1. Natasha says:

      They’ve been here in big masses for a long time already, including me

      1. Mnitir says:

        I think you didn’t get the humor, watch the movie of the same name.

      2. Jacobrichardford says:

        They have really hot women too!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Chances are Mr. Rybolovlev is just another off-shore Obama supporter in the mold of George Soros. R’s desires for personal secrecy will blend well into game plan of the great dissembler, Obama. 

    1. Adam Stiles says:

      Fascinating worldview. Do people ever remark about your ability to relate virtually anything to Obama?

    2. Antique says:

      Politics aside, he’s a nice looking, soon-to-be-single billionaire.  If I were 40 years younger and had some teeth, I’d put on my pith helmet and bullet proof vest and invite him to tea.

    3. Dayfish says:

      What a stupid post.  This article says nothing about Obama, and yet you want to tie this billionaire to him to discredit him.  What a load of crap.

      This is how your feeble mind works.  The Koch Brothers more or less control the Republican Party these days, but you are just fine with that, because they are as close to being Nazis as an American can be.  However, if some rich foreigner buys a million dollar apartment in New York, then it is some international plot to take over the government.  God you are stupid.

      You really need to see a psychiatrist.  There is no cure for stupid, but you can get your paranoia under control with the meds they have these days. 

      Now, I know you live in a one room apartment above a bus station where you yell at the TV all day and post nonsense to places like this, hoping with all your heart I will reply to you, but since you are over 65 you qualify for Medicare, and because you are broke you also qualify for Medicaid, so you can go see that shrink who might be able to get that dysfunctional brain of your’s working correctly.

      1. Anonymous says:

        More rantings from a typical Liberal…bloviating, threatening, and lying. With a touch of blasphemy thrown in for good measure. 

        Makes sense that you would think a former commie-turned-Obama-socialist would make a good ahteist neighbor for you. Except you would annoy the heck out of him, too. 

      2. Dayfish says:

        See, you could not even make it one week before you violated your promise to me and had me back on your worthless donkey.

        You love me more than you love even Jesus.  If you spend as much time praying as you spend lusting after me you might even make a good nun.

        I think it is time for Lush Bimbo to be on.  Better stop yelling at the TV and sending me love letters and tune in so he can tell you what to think.

      3. Dayfish says:

        OK you stupid half wit,

        Here is the deal again, ask me nicely and do not post you know where and I will leave you alone again.

        Remember, post you know where and I am back on you like a feminist with a bone.  Oops I meant to say like a dog with a bone.

        So ask nice and behave.

        If you do not, I will know you really want me abusing you all over the net.  I will also know it is true you live over a bus station, all alone and yell at your TV while drinking Four Roses.

        You know you could change you name and I would never know.

      4. Dayfish says:

        OK you stupid half wit,

        Here is the deal again, ask me nicely and do not post you know where and I will leave you alone again.

        Remember, post you know where and I am back on you like a feminist with a bone.  Oops I meant to say like a dog with a bone.

        So ask nice and behave.

        If you do not, I will know you really want me abusing you all over the net.  I will also know it is true you live over a bus station, all alone and yell at your TV while drinking Four Roses.

        You know you could change you name and I would never know.

      5. Toothlessdawg says:

        Damn Gayfish, what are you? 12 years old???

      6. Anonymous says:

        Couldn’t be much older than the person who replaces a D with a G it seems

      7. Anonymous says:

        No Tootlessdawg, Dayfish is just a liberal.  Can’t help it.

        Antique, good post.  Thanks for the Monday morning laugh.

        I read the article to see the place.  Is that really $13,200 per square foot?!!? 

      8. Dayfish says:

        No, but your post right here is worse than my 12 year old daughter would have put up.

      9. Anonymous says:

        Careful, he is homophobic and narcissistic, too.

      10. Dayfish says:

        I can be arrogant as all get out, but I am not narcissistic, or at least that is what the people who know me say.  If I were narcissistic I would not know it, since one sign of a narcissist is to deny it.

        As for homophobic, I don’t even know where you came up with that.  I just lied, I do know where you came up with that.  YOU LIE ABOUT EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME.  Yes, you have accused me of being a gay lover, and having a gay boyfriend many times, but now you say I am homophobic.

        So once again, when you have not a single truth to back up what you say, you just make up lies, and really stupid ones at that.

      11. Anonymous says:

        People who are narcissistic like you only get interventions when there are people around you who care about you. When there is no one around you who cares if you disappeared tomorrow and never returned, no one will bother trying to confront you with your personality disorder. I have done it (confronted you) on occasion and look how you treat me.

      12. Dayfish says:

        This post of yours is almost completely understandable.   Well, good work, it is good to see you finally write a post for yourself that tries to make a point rather than just putting up a two line insult like you usually do.

        Now all you have to do is keep practicing and after 20 years you might be able to actually write an entire paragraph where you first state your point then back it up with facts and reasoned argument.

        Now I know it must have taken you at least two hours worth of hard work to come up with this one, but do not let that get the best of you.  Keep up the hard work and one day you too might be able to write as well as the average 6th grader.

        Good work.

      13. Antique says:

        The article said nothing about the Kock brothers, either. Your anger surpasses your reasoning.  It’s easy to become what you hate.

      14. Get it! says:

        The article mentions David Koch.

      15. Hazmat77 says:

        yeah, he lives in NY…. but there is NO substantive evidence to support the insane leftist assertions that the Koch Bros control the Republican conservatives or the Tea Party people ….

        You are a victim or willing tool of the delusional left.

      16. Dayfish says:

        I do not hate these people, but I can assure that the Tire-iron is consumed with a burning hate for anyone and everyone who is not old, white and more conservative than Pinochet.

      17. Chuck Darwin says:

        Dayfish, this is a valuable learning opportunity for you and all so-called “liberals”, or commie wannabies. What you have here is an individual who grew up in Workers’ Paradise where everybody is equal and owns nothing, where everything is state-controlled. And all of a sudden, from that Marxist society, you get a surge of billionaires, mafiosos and tycoons.

        I don’t think you would be able to draw logical conclusions, so I will give it to you: all Marxist do-gooders are common murderers and thieves, and that is how they get mega-rich while the rest of the Russian society remains desperately poor.

      18. Anonymous says:

        So if being born in the time or the U.S.S.R. automatically makes you a communist, then does being born in America automatically make you a diabetic cheeseburger lovin fiend? Or a FREEDOM LOVING PATRIOT/DEFENDER OF CAPITALISM!!! The same kind of freedom loving patriot that some how, blinded by name calling , seems to think that someone becoming a billionaire through the wonders of capitalism that has a personal wealth surpassing that of the majority or Russians AND Americans is a murder and a thief. What do you call B. Wayne Hughes then? You know Chuck, you’re kinda starting to sound like a 99%er with these comparisons of billionaire to murderer.

      19. Chuck Darwin says:

        U.S.S.R. started with a Communist Revolution, which was a mass murder and robbery of Russian royalty, nobility and all “owning classes” including small farmers and tradesmen.

        This was done in the name of common good, to create perfect society, so-called Workers’ Paradise. And this kind of ideology and general misery followed through the next 90 years.

        The so-called “capitalism” and “privatization” that started in Russia in the late 1990s was further robbery but this time not of wealthy individuals and families, but of Russian national resources, national capital and infrastructure. The ones highest in the government were able to do the most of the thievery. That’s how you get the sudden rise of “oligarchs” from a p!ss poor Communist society.

      20. Hazmat77 says:

        The Russian Revolution was retribution for the decades, indeed centuries, of oppression by the self-declared Royalty and Russian Orthodox Christian Church, of the common people. Murder and mayhem by the TZAR’s soldiers, especially the brigades of Cossacks who rode roughshod usually in a drunken stupor over the “people”.

        When ‘leaders’ act in a totalitarian manner, the only way to Stop them is by revolution. The ‘worker’s paradise’ was merely a call to arms …. unforunately as with most revolutions, the aftermath allowed different totalitarians, who had hide their true aims among the calls for freedom.

        Surely we are witnesses to this phenomenon in Egypt and Libya, with Syria likely to follow.

      21. Mm says:

        You cannot compare Egypt and Syria to Russia.. Russia has to do with ideological battles over the best economic system rule over people. Egypt and Syria involves a battle of religious idealology and which one rule over its its people. The Islamic radicals will soon take over Syria as they are now doing in Egypt. In Russia, it’s the capitalists vs. the communists. In Egypt and Syria, it’s the secularists verses the Muslims radicals. Only time will tell concerning Russia. Syria and Egypt are doomed. In one year, America will wish Mubarrack was still there.

      22. Anonymous says:

        Agree with everything you say, except the last sentence. We don’t need another year to wish Mubarek back. Obama didn’t light the Egypt fuse, but he sprayed lighter fluid on it almost the moment it was lit. Obama has Egyptian blood on his hands. Hillary, too.

      23. Dayfish says:

        You are one of the stupidest people who I have ever encountered who knows now to write.

        Obama held back on saying anything about the protests in Egypt until it was obvious that it was all over for Mubarak.

        Once again you make up lies  since the truth supports liberals.

      24. Sspangler says:

        I wanna bone the daughter!

      25. ARB says:

        What a bunch of ignorant idiots! Rich does not mean murderer or mafia! Liberal, however, does mean stupid!

      26. Dayfish says:

        You mean you created a new identity just to put up this post?

        You work even harder than the Tire-iron does to say stupid things.

        I am of course assuming that you are not the Tire-iron, but then who knows.

      27. Dayfish says:

        You don’t know anything about anything do you.

        The revolutions in Egypt, Tunisia and Syria had nothing to do with religion.

        You are as stupid as the Tire-iron.

      28. Peddlerofpower says:

        Very well said, thxs !

      29. Margaret Rodriguez says:

        I take offense to the “diabetic cheeseburger lovin fiend” remark.  I am a Type 1 diabetic, insulin dependent and it has absolutely nothing to do with what I eat.  My pancreas does not work and I live on an insulin pump, so please, when you make comments such as that, think before you post.

      30. Dayfish says:

        I will take you out for a piece of cake any time.

      31. Anonymous says:

        You nailed Dayfish, CD. Same description you gave of the Kommie transplant, Mr. R, applies to Liberal “do-gooders” from Chicago, too. 

        Rybolovlev will fit right in with the NYC socialists and would be equally at home in the Windy City Marxist crowd that “birthed” our current president.

      32. Dayfish says:

        God you are stupid.

        If I used the same measure of you, you would be a card carrying Nazi.

        But I don’t have to make up junk about you, I have the truth, you yourself told me that you would be proud to join the John Birch Society.

        There are medications for people like you, and I am not joking when I say that.

      33. Peddlerofpower says:

        So, whats your problem ?
        Get of your ass and make it happen.
        You, obviously know. . . there are NO RULES as in the good ol’ DemocraZy.

      34. Exotica says:

        >Dayfish’s face when he realizes the bloke is joking

      35. Dayfish says:

        Ex, I have exchanged over 750 posts with the Tire-iron and I can tell you he means 100% of what he says.

      36. gary pawleshyn says:

        And George Soros controls the Democratic Party.

      37. Dayfish says:

        George Soros supports the ideals the Democratic Party stands for and contributes to it, but he does not own web sites and whole Tea Party groups like the Koch Brothers do.

        The Koch brothers have bought over half the current Republican representatives. 

      38. Anonymous says:

        The “ideals” of the Democratic Party? You Libs have no values, just “ideals.” Such as:

        Killing unborn babies on demand for cash?
        Using federal agencies like EPA and NLRB to attack political adversaries like clubbing the heads of baby seals?
        Forcing socialized medicine (Obamacare) down the throats of the American people?
        Strangling capital formation and business expansion with punitive tax policies and draconian over-regulation?
        Apologizing for America all over the world?
        Shameless class warfare and race-baiting?
        Gay marriage?
        Selectively ignoring federal immigration laws?
        Hypocritical opposition to “Wall Street” while hitting up the “Wall Streeters” for obscene political donations?
        Funneling billions taxpayer money to pet projects (e.g., Solyndra, Light Squared, et al) that are financially unviable? 
        Quid pro quo union affiliations which provides favorable treatment in return for campaign donations?

        The rest of your Koch brothers nonsense is a pack of lies. 

      39. Dayfish says:

        What a bunch of garbage and lies, just what I have come to expect from you.  However it is a pretty good cut and paste by you.

        1)  The Democratic party recognizes the need for abortion, but unlike you they do everything they can within reason to prevent them, things like: real sex education and free birth control.

        2)  I don’t know about you, but I like drinking safe water and breathing air that won’t kill me.  I also think people who work for a living should receive the pay they earn.

        3)  Obama care is not socialized medicine, it only requires people to do the responsible thing, since we are not willing to let people die on the street, well you probably are willing to let them die on the street, but the one area we have socialized medicine, is an area you partake in, Medicaid.

        4)  We have the lowest taxes on any developed nation.  We have some of the most liberal regulations.  I guess you want to turn us into a third world country where the rich pay no taxes and can commit any kind of abuse they like.  As a matter of fact, that is what you want.

        5) President Obama never apologized for us anywhere.  This is just another of your right wing lies.  If you can find a time when he did, show me.

        6)  Class warfare is alive and well and it is being waged against the middle class by people like you.  When the middle class stands up for itself and demands things like the rich pay the same tax rate as they do, you call it class warfare.  The race baiting is being done all by the right.  Newt Gingrich is leading that charge.

        7)  There is a difference between selectively enforcing immigration laws and selectivity ignoring them.  Obama has chosen to deport violent criminals first, but I guess you think we should let the violent criminals stay and deport the little old ladies instead.

        8)  Everyone gets donations from Wall Street, everyone gets donations from anywhere they can.  Asking that Wall Street play by sensible rules while taking money they offer is not hypocritical.  You obviously do not know the meaning of that word.

        9)  The government invests money where it thinks it will help the country.  I never  heard you criticize the Republicans by funneling money to their pet projects.  Here is the difference, solar energy is part of our future energy, because sooner or later we will run out of oil, meanwhile the Republicans funnel billions each year into the oil industry while Obama lost less than half a billion on one deal that went south.

        10)  The unions have been losing ground since the 70s.  There is no quid pro quo with the unions.  The unions know who stands with the working man, and they know who is destroying the middle class and they vote their interest.  If there is a quid pro quo it is most visible with big oil, Wall Street etc and the Republicans.

        So more lies and garbage from you, as I just showed, point by point, and not only that, you have again plagiarized your garbage points.

        You are so pitiful, you can’t even make up your own garbage. But like you once said, I am beating you up with facts again.

      40. Anonymous says:

        The need for abortion??? 53,000,000 dead babies and America needs more abortions? Your campaign of free birth control and sex ed seems to be working as well as the US Dept of Education is working.

        2) Clean air and clean water are important. Driving up the costs to energy (electricity and fossil fuels) for consumers (so “green energy” will be competitive) is nonsense. It also hurts the lower and middle class the most.

        3) NO ONE, not even illegal aliens are dying in American streets for lack of healthcare.

        4) More government and more spending is what Liberals want, not lower taxes and more upward mobility for the middle class. We also have the highest corporate taxes in the world.

        5) Obama apologized on three continents in his first 100 days. I am surprised a “Liberal (like you) who plays the stock market” doesn’t bother to read the WSJ. See editorial dtd 4.23.2009 “The President’s Apology Tour.”

        6) You must have been smoking some of your son’s pot stash. Between Obama and Holder, there is a racial slur against “whitey” at least once a week. Obama has all but put bull’s-eyes on the backs of “the rich.”

        7) A strawman argument. I don’t want any illegals here. They are here illegally. That means they are breaking the law by being here. Democrats are trying to get illegal alien voting approved in at least 6 states, as we speak.

        8) Obama gets far and away more money from WS’ers. Goldman Sachs was his largest (non-union) contributor in 2008.

        9) The government does not exist to “invest” in anything. “Federal investment” is not in the US Constitution.

        10) You are either a) lying or b) just stupidly naive. You don’t think unions benefited from Obama’s takeover of GM? Obama (and you, Liberal) don’t stand with the working man. You (and Obama) think working people are stupid and that you need to tell them what to think and do. This is perhaps your most felonious lie of the ten lies you posted.

        I forgot to include these last time:

        1) Liberals include forcing us into using an inferior light bulb.
        2) Liberals seek to restrict what we can eat.
        3) Liberals seek to indoctrinate our children from kindergarten to college with America- and God-hatred.
        4) Liberals wanted equal opportunities. Now they demand equal outcomes. Your side has learned nothing from the failures of Liberalism in western Europe.

      41. Dayfish says:

        There is only one problem with this post, everything in it is a lie.

        I already went through your post the first time and pointed out how everything there was a lie, but this is just more of the same.  I will tell the readers who mistake you for a reasonable person in some future post.  However, you say the Wall Street Journal had an article that said Obama apologized, so where is it?  You give no link or even a date.  Oh wait, it was an editorial, not an article, now I see, editorials are facts to you.  Now I understand.  What would you say if the NYT had an editorial that said something you thought was a lie, and I said that  that editorial proved it was true.

        All your points are like this, some conservative commentator tells you a lie and suddenly that is the truth.

        God you are stupid, once again, if you were my dog and you were this stupid, I would take you out into the back yard and shoot you.

        But like I keep saying, I am the only person in the world that pays any attention to you.  If it were not for me, it would only be you, the TV, the bottle of Four Roses and the noise of the buses coming and going.

      42. Anonymous says:

        From my previous post: 
        “5) Obama apologized on three continents in his first 100 days. I am surprised a “Liberal (like you) who plays the stock market” doesn’t bother to read the WSJ. See editorial dtd 4.23.2009 “The President’s Apology Tour.”” You’re struggling with reading tonight, aren’t you? Your lithium treatments make you a bit drowsy and dizzy, eh?

        Your point-by-point refutation (two posts ago) of my original posts was typical for you — personal opinions you perceive to be facts because a narcissist like you can never tell the difference between your own delusional opinions and facts.  

        Am I lonely? Hardly. I have Jesus, remember? I have lots of close friends, too. You have none, right? 

        Also, you are ignoring the 26 “Likes” I got on my first post on this board, aren’t you? How many “Likes” are you getting here? Anywhere? Even your oral sycophant, stingray isn’t following you anymore. 

        I know Four Roses is an adult beverage and I would guess you like to toke up vs. drink. But I have never tasted Four Roses.  What does it taste like? Seems like you are pretty fixated on Four Roses of late…

      43. Dayfish says:

        God you are stupid.  I guess it went by me the first time.  Here is a simple lesson I learned in grade school.  If you want to give a date, lets say April, 23, 2009 and you want to write it short hand, you have to use either a ‘-‘ or a ‘/’.  When you first put up the date I thought it was some dysfunctional decimal.

        Well after Googleing it thee different ways I found your editorial and read it.  NOWHERE IN IT DID OBAMA EVER SAY HE APOLOGIZED FOR ANYTHING.

        What you and Rove both seem to think  is an apology is simply admitting to the horrible foreign policy Bush perused.  Admitting to the truth is not apologizing, but then you are too stupid to appreciate that.

        God you are stupid.  I guess I already said that, but it needs to be said again.

        You have close friends?  Ha, ha, ha, those bozos in your local KKK chapter will stab you in the back first chance they get.

        As for having Jesus, I know you are delusional, so when you talk to Jesus and he talks back, like I said, there are some good meds for that these days.  Ask your doctor about Resperidone, that would be a good one for you to start with.  It should get rid of those voices you keep hearing, you know the ones that come out of your TV even after you turn it off.

        As for getting likes, I can get plenty on a board like this, all I have to do is to post something like, “Obummer iz da stoopidisd prezidon’t ebber.”  and I will get far more than you did.  You see, the idiots who post here like it when the post is not only stupid beyond belief, but misspelled too.  That way they feel like you are on to them.  I learned that from the people who like the Drudge Report.

        You have no friends, you have no family, all you have is a bottle, a TV that you yell at, and a bottle of cheep booze.

        As for me, I have plenty of good friends, just not here.  I do have some friends here, but they are all foreign born doctors and professors, because the natives here are almost as stupid as you, and I don’t get off on talking about Cars, girls, and beer.

        The reason I talk about Four Roses is a couple of months ago you accused me of drinking it, so I automatically knew it was a drink you were familiar with.

        As for me and drinking, I do drink, two drinks a year when I visit my father.

        I have smoked pot, and the last time I took a toke was when I lived in California, and I left there in 1979.  

        I think O’Reilly is on, go yell at him for a while before you pass out and puke on yourself in your sleep.

      44. Dayfish says:

        Hay bozo, how is the bus station.

        I have noticed something interesting.  Mc**** used to delete all your posts as you put them up, now they are going back and deleting the old ones too.  Last night several hundred of your posts went away.

        They really love you over there.

        I guess I am the only friend you have in this world.

        How sad, that someone like me is your only friend.

      45. Anonymous says:

        One of the “fundamental truths” of Liberalism is the response of Liberals to divergent opinions. McClatchy is only following in the tradition of “great Liberals in world history” — role models like Josef Stalin, Chairman Mao, Pol Pot, Ho Chi Minh, Fidel Castro, Nicolae Ceauşescu, Kim Jong Il, Kim Il-sung, etc., etc., etc. 

        You are of the same mold, Dayfish — seeking not to win the argument but to suppress the exchange of opinions and destroy the opponent.

      46. Dayfish says:

        Back to the two line insult.

        How intelligent of you.

        McClatchy is jerking your posts, because they are worthless garbage that never contributed to the discussion, just like the one above does not.

        You happen to be the one who attempts to suppress the exchange of opinions, because you, “suppress the exchange of opinions and destroy the opponent.” in the post above, which in this case is McClatchy.

        You are so stupid that in a 3 sentence rant you do exactly the thing you are ranting against.

        It is true that I go after you, but there is a good reason for that.  I tried hard to have an intelligent discussion with you on the issues when we first met, and I addressed the points in a reasonable manner, and EVERY TIME, you responded with garbage like the one above.  I learned there is only one way to deal with you, and that is to continue to show how you are always full of it, but to also use your technique and just insult you.

        So, I guess you got tired of yelling at your TV.

        I am going to guess that Gina is close to getting rid of you, and when I am sure she has, you will be all alone.  I know now much you will miss me,because the last time you only went 3 days before doing the one thing you knew would get me back.

        You are so sad.  Too bad you are also a rabid cur.

      47. Anonymous says:

        It is fitting (and biblical, I might add) that the truth is insulting and an affront to liars. There are a chorus of them (Lib liars) who are regular posters at McClatchy — kind of like “Lord of the Flies.” They savage anyone who doesn’t sing from the Liberal hymnal. I feel as though I had a hand in liberating you from a cult. There is one less savage in the truth-suppressing mob — I predict that one day you will thank me for that. Did you ever see “The Cross and the Switchblade”?

        When you fear the truth, lying is your only refuge. When lying doesn’t work anymore, mob instincts (intimidation and violence) take over. That is why Liberalism always fails.

      48. Dayfish says:

        Yet another post that is based on the Tire-iron reality that anything you think is true must be true and you are so stupid that you think people will believe you when you tell them you think it is true.

        There are two kind of people out there, there are those who don’t know you so you have to back up what you say, and then there are those who know you, and we know everything you say is a stupid lie.

        However, that never occurred to you, since you believe any stupid thing you get told by Lush Bimbo and Glen Pecker. 

      49. Anonymous says:

        So what is not true?

        1) The truth is an affront and insulting to liars? True.

        2) The jackals at McClatchy (posters AND moderators) stifle non-Lib agenda posters? True.

        3) You, Dayfish abnormalis, have been freed by me from the gang mentality of the McClatchy poster mob? True.

        Your narcissistic lust for accolades from the pack of non-thinking pit bulls is what drives your animus towards me. You should think of it as having been “redeemed by grace” from a lost life of Liberal lying. You will, one day, thank me. Also true.

        You didn’t tell me is you ever saw “The Cross and the Switchblade.”

      50. Jengel2000 says:

        Koch Bros!  Koch Bros!  Halliburton!  Halliburton!  Bush!  Bush!  Cheney!  Cheney!  Koch Bros!  Koch Bros!  Halliburton!  Halliburton!  Bush!  Bush!  Cheney!  Cheney!  Koch Bros!  Koch Bros!  Halliburton!  Halliburton!  Bush!  Bush!  Cheney!  Cheney!  Koch Bros!  Koch Bros!  Halliburton!  Halliburton!  Bush!  Bush!  Cheney!  Cheney!  Koch Bros!  Koch Bros!  Halliburton!  Halliburton!  Bush!  Bush!  Cheney!  Cheney!  Koch Bros!  Koch Bros!  Halliburton!  Halliburton!  Bush!  Bush!  Cheney!  Cheney!  Koch Bros!  Koch Bros!  Halliburton!  Halliburton!  Bush!  Bush!  Cheney!  Cheney!  Koch Bros!  Koch Bros!  Halliburton!  Halliburton!  Bush!  Bush!  Cheney!  Cheney!  Koch Bros!  Koch Bros!  Halliburton!  Halliburton!  Bush!  Bush!  Cheney!  Cheney!  Koch Bros!  Koch Bros!  Halliburton!  Halliburton!  Bush!  Bush!  Cheney!  Cheney!  Koch Bros!  Koch Bros!  Halliburton!  Halliburton!  Bush!  Bush!  Cheney!  Cheney!  Koch Bros!  Koch Bros!  Halliburton!  Halliburton!  Bush!  Bush!  Cheney!  Cheney!  Koch Bros!  Koch Bros!  Halliburton!  Halliburton!  Bush!  Bush!  Cheney!  Cheney!  Koch Bros!  Koch Bros!  Halliburton!  Halliburton!  Bush!  Bush!  Cheney!  Cheney!  Koch Bros!  Koch Bros!  Halliburton!  Halliburton!  Bush!  Bush!  Cheney!  Cheney!  Koch Bros!  Koch Bros!  Halliburton!  Halliburton!  Bush!  Bush!  Cheney!  Cheney! 

      51. Dayfish says:

        Good thing for the copy  and paste function.  I hate to think about the effort you might have made to put up something this stupid.

        But now that I mention it, I bet you typed the whole thing, because anyone stupid enough to put this up, probably does not know about copy and pasting.  

      52. Anonymous says:

        On the list of billioaire New Yorkers, David Koch is the only Republican.  Isn’t rich, greedy Wall Street all Republicans? 

      53. Dayfish says:

        I don’t  believe that David Koch is the only Republican Billionaire in New York.  How about a list, there can’t be that many, or a link.

        But even if he is, the Tire-iron is still an idiot.

    4. Sorros says:

      blah blah. Get that diarrhea of the mouth checked, bonehead.

    5. Carl says:

      How can you possibly be so ignorant so as to not realize this is exactly what the American dream is all about.  Here is a Russian that make a fortune on the free market and enjoying its benefits.  No instead you want to somehow tie him to the crook Obama.

      Get some common sense and praise him for his success.

      1. Anonymous says:

        I think you have the American Dream confused with the AMERIKAN Dream or maybe with “Dreams of My (Kommunist) Father.” 

      2. Dayfish says:

        Carl is right and you are once again responding to a very good point by name calling.

        You are so, so, so stupid.

        Here is a case where a man got rich in the newly freed Russia by doing all the things you love about the right, and since he is not an old white American you trash him, then you trash the person who points it out.

        God, yes god just vomited.  Mother marry is crying, and if your mother was alive she would disown you for being such a wretched person.

        Do the world a favor and go in the garage, leave the door closed and turn on the car.

    6. Dayfish says:

      PS If you check, even this morning several hundred more comments of yours have disappeared from Mc***********.   My guess is that by Christmas all of them will be gone.

      You will cease to exist there completely.

      1. Anonymous says:

        Just like you.

        BTW, did you shoot NewMann like one of your disobedient dogs? R.I.P. NewMann, you were a scoundrel. May God have mercy on your soul.

      2. Dayfish says:

        More lies, just like every other  post you have ever written, this is true even though is is a lie, simply because I say it is true.

        I was wondering about that, so I checked.   NewMann’s posts are not disappearing.  I did not check Dayfish’s posts, but I doubt they are going away.

        So you dream up another stupid lie.

        Lush Bimbo is on now, better tune in so he can tell you what to think.

    7. Darthvaderlives says:

      if I was you, I would worry more about how the hell a supposed chemist managed to amass such a humongous sum of money that he can afford a $88 million dollar apartment.You would be better trying to spend your efforts wondering why some people can stay in these lofty places while others have to live in card board boxes…..really!!!

  4. Adam Stiles says:

    “15 Central Park West—the best building ever built”

    That’s a joke, right? I guess that makes William Lie Zeckendorf the best developer that ever lived. Congrats.

    1. Josh says:

      I agree – simply a pathetic description.

  5. Anonymous says:

    88M?  “A Floor Plan Like No Other”  Big deal.   The place must be beautiful but the floor plan is ridiculous.  There is no eating area in the kitchen and the dining room is so far away, you have to walk through the den to get to it – or way out of the way through the gallery.  The bathrooms are teeny tiny and more in number than are necessary.  Two of them are steps away from one another.  They need TWO bar areas?  Can’t walk across the apartment without a refill?   And one of the bars is in a hallway across from a bedroom – isn’t that a little weird?  The master bedroom does not have a bathroom attached.  They must walk down a hallway to get to their bathroom.  Okay – whatever.  I just don’t get it.  Mr. Rybolovlev’s greatest achievement is not buying this apartment but that he gets the honor of living in America.  88M for this?  Some people have more money than sense.

  6. Laurie Richardson says:

    He made BILLIONS in fertilizer….why couldn’t I have been as smart?

    1. Hunthorse says:

      Try to commercialize on what they produce in Washington D. C. I bet that you’d do well. AND it would be considered organic fertilizer.  

    2. The Bobster says:

      Liberals politicians have made billions dealing in bull$hit, too.

    3. Jeffmartin254 says:

      All Democrats make their money with fertilizer!

  7. Dan Foster says:

    hope he brings plenty of russian girls that put american girls in the fresh kill landfill.

  8. The Chief says:

    Rich Russian = Criminal  (could be ex-Communist, ex-military, ex-spy…..but sure as the sun will rise and set…..lots of criminal activity behind those dollars).

  9. Karl Magnus says:

    I bet that Bloomie spent all of the tax money long ago on some frivolous giveaway.

  10. Gene says:

    Sad truth is that when USSR collapsed in 1991, Russia did not have history & traditions of freedom, good old constitution to restore or their RON PAUL statesman of the founding fathers caliber. When desperate Russians contacted Harvard, Washington, Oxford and London for advice on capitalism they were fed Keynesian corporatism (crony capitalism, progressive fascism) ideology instead of free-market. Now you have it. 

    1. Anonymous says:

      Baloney, Russia was fed Milton Friedman, Chicago School economics. Besides, Russian hoods/entrepreneurs have never needed any advice from us about how to make $s- only about what are and how do I get around all of the regulations so that I can successfully launder my loot into US dollars in US banks. The Americans “experts” who went over to advise the Russian mob on how to be successful capitalists/entrepreneurs were babes in the woods- chumps.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Can we expect Soros, the Clintons and the Obamas will be guests soon?   Power goes where Power does. 

  12. Rpokeytruck says:

    Who would want to live in that rat infested garbage pit of a city?

  13. Mm says:

    My fiance and I took a trip to Naples, FL and Miami, FL this past June. I thought we would hear English and Spanish as the dominannt languages on the beaches, but to our surprise, all we heard on the beaches was Russian! The Ruskies are buying up Florida like crazy as the real estate there is so cheap right now and Russia has gone through a capitalitic boom this decade. Young Russinas are leaving and wanting to come to America. The Russian immigrant population is one of the fastest going demographics right now in Florida. There are now districts in FL, particularly Miami, in which street signs are in Russian. The ones we met were very nice people. Unbelievably wealthy.

    1. Don Newman says:

      Yeah, they’re real nice until you cross them.

      1. Mm says:

        Probably right.

  14. good for him. its a lot easier when you’re connected to the top echelon in moscow and your buddy yeltsin or putin hands you the keys of a gigantic company all in the name of privatization……its pretty much a hand out..that’s how those russians became billionaires….talk about being a lucky motherf…..r

  15. Stan says:

    I know he is a foreigner, but we need to take his money away and give it to OWS folks, who need to pay off student loans and credit cards.

    1. Anonymous says:

      While were at it,  perhaps he could pay for my funeral, maybe $20,000;  I would not what to stick my family and the government with something I should have taken care of myself.
      I think I’m entitled to more than a potter’s field burial.

      1. Don Newman says:

         I used to sit around Starbucks (supporting my $400 per month habit) wondering when the rich were going to give my free band aids, x-rays, etc. Then it dawned on me. They should pay for my coffee too. Your funeral can wait.

  16. Rabbi Schmuley says:

    Is he one of the jew oligarchs who robbed Russia blind?

    1. Don Newman says:


  17. Yeah, I can relate to all that…

  18. desert says:

    Ya….he don wanna be putin his money in ruska with Putin as prez!

  19. Don Newman says:

    Hope he has enough money to hire some vetted and bonded help. Otherwise he may have to settle for some ghetto thug who steals from you, then sets you on fire cause you terminate his employment without further pay.

  20. Jmd says:

    This is why you need to live in a co-op to avoid neighboring with murderers.  Seriously.

  21. Peter Belles says:

    Sounds like a nice guy, kills somebody and gets away with it. His wife is getting 6 billion, guess it pay to have a p u s s y.   This building on 15 CPW, if I’m not wrong was a cheap hotel, for 88 milion bucks you could buy the best house possible in Las Vegas, though I doubt there is a house in Vegas for 88 million, maybe at City Center. 

  22. Reader4 says:

    in the grand scheme of things what does this all matter?  What are ya gonna do when God illuminates your soul and you will be allowed to see your soul as God sees it?   Feel sorry for all the rich people then?  Just get on your knees and say your prayers.  Quit your arguing and start praying for this United States of America

  23. Anonymous says:

    These oligarchs are thieves that stole from the Russian people who paid for scum like this to live the way they do. The old Russians moved against this type in the past and killed them off. You have to wonder how long it will take the current generation of Russians to get the kahonees to take back their wealth and their nation?

  24. Seanpatriot says:


  25. its his money mind your own fuckin% business, you wacko 99% er

  26. Anonymous says:

    Just what NYC needs- another Russian gangster.

  27. WatchingAndLearning says:

    Opulence, I has it

  28. Looo says:

    Russian billionaire buys super-expensive apartment and americans start posting stupidest off-topic political comments.

  29. Appraiser says:

    Apartments are units for rent.  Co-ops are “apartments” that you buy.  The author should know the difference.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Will the Flea Party be camping out in front of his building?

  31. tommy boy says:

    Let them eat cake !!

  32. Stompusa1 says:

    At least the dudes white.

  33. swaroopchooch says:

    Meth cook

    1. swaroopchooch says:

      Arms dealer of meth cook. What kind of chemist makes billions off of f$#%!ng fertilizer?

  34. anonymous says:

    stop insult my dad

  35. Peddlerofpower says:

    I think it is awesome that the Russian’s have gone from rags 2 riches in such short time 15yrs. V. Putin has, during his control created more wealth opportunity and prosperity for the people of Russia than any leader there ever !  It truly seems that Russia is the type of Democracy in its pure form vs the DemocraZy we in the west have experienced for so many years, always nothing more than just another cola war of  liberty always dictated by the same old wealth bags. Now the US can’t even pay the debt to China, what a better Country, brutal.  lol.
    Merry X-mass ! 

  36. guest says:

    umm, I’m pretty sure the author meant to list Ron “Perelman”, the LBO scankwad, as the 4th richest New Yorker, not Ron “Perlman” – the HellBoy actor…