NCAA eligibility notification bill passes Assembly Education Committee

TRENTON – A bill that requires each school district or nonpublic school that participates in statewide interscholastic sports programs sanctioned by the New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association to annually disseminate to students the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s freshman eligibility standards for participation in collegiate athletics was released by the Assembly Education Committee today. It passed unanimously.

Sponsor Mila Jasey, (D-27), South Orange, said some student athletes were unaware of the NCAA eligibility standards and that it was surprising to discover that some school districts were not getting that information to the students.

Many high school students are unaware of the NCAA eligibility standards to participate in collegiate athletics, and A3973 would rectify that, she said.

Annually providing high school students who participate in interscholastic athletics with the eligibility standards will help ensure that students who wish to compete at the college level will take all requisite courses while achieving necessary grade point averages and standardized test scores required by the NCAA to participate in collegiate athletics.