New York Local Steals Greyhound Bus to Meet Friend For the Holidays

If there was one good excuse for jacking a bus full of passengers on the Christmas holiday, it would be “I did it for love.” You know, like if you had a girlfriend and she was about to get on the plane to Paris and you needed to tell her how you really felt, ASAP, than stealing a Greyhound bus would be well within reason. The police would let you off with a “Go get her, son!” and you’d be free to run past security lines and the TSA in order to give your big third act speech.

A bad reason for stealing a bus? “I wanted to see if Jason was down to hang out this weekend.”

New York resident Andrew Hickey allegedly swiped one of the nation’s most infamous “depressing holiday” transportation vehicle at 4:30 a.m. on Christmas morning near a Syracuse depot and drove it 60 miles before Greyhound officials shut the bus down remotely. (Who knew you could even do that?) When Mr. Hickey, who did have a commercial driver’s license, asked what inspired him to swipe a bus, he told police officers that he wanted to go visit a friend in Watertown.

Now that’s dedication….especially since Mr. Hickey is now facing felony charges for stealing a bus valued at half a million dollars. That’s right…every Greyhound bus is worth more than you’ll make in three years. How’s that for some Christmas spirit?