New York Times Finally Gets Threaded Comments; Adds ‘Trusted Commenter’ System

There are 247 comments on The New York Times post this morning announcing an update for a severely outdated comment system. Before today, the NYT‘s comment system had several drawbacks, including, most notably, the lack of comment threads. Yep, until today there was no way to respond to individual comments on a story; your comment just ended up on top of all the other comments in a long, dumb queue. Read More


  1. Anonymous says:

    Another issue: NYT limits non-subscribers to 20 article views per month.  In the past, non-subscribers could still view comments without creating an account. Now, you must be logged into an account to even view comments.  There are a lot of problems with that approach–first, it severely limits interaction; it shuts out non-subscribers, since they are limited to 20 views per month; it penalizes actual subscribers who have created a secondary account for commenting. In the latter case, why would anyone do that? I have, because my husband already uses the subscription-linked account for commenting. NYT has never cared to accommodate families who use the Times online.