Occupy The XBox: New Tom Clancy Video Game Targets Wall Street Fat Cats


rainbow six patriots Occupy The XBox: New Tom Clancy Video Game Targets Wall Street Fat Cats

Occupy your consoles

Tom Clancy can certainly count himself among the 1 percent. But the newest edition of his long-running video game series, Rainbow Six, has operatives gunning down Wall Street fat cats in a action packed extension of Occupy Wall Street.

It’s bizarre to see a man who blamed September 11th on on left wing politician, a card-carrying member of the NRA, tapping into the #OWS zeitgeist with a revenge fantasy against American bankers.

“This is for the jobs you’ve streamlined, the debts you collected,” intones the game’s trailer, as a banker in suit and tie heads to his office in a New York skyscraper. “This is for the homes you foreclosed on, the bailouts you took. We are the true patriots.”

At this point in the video a team of terrorists kicks down the door and murders a Jamie Dimon-looking executive. “You may not answer to the governments, but you will answer to us.”

Players are actually supposed to be protecting the bankers from a group of radical OWS terrorists. But the trailer doesn’t make this clear, and the fans commenting on the video seem to empathize with the bad guys.

“I hope you get to play as the terrorists in this game,” writes one viewer on the game’s YouTube trailer. “At least, you know, massacring bankers.”


  1. Anonymous says:

    2013?  Really?  I love Rainbow Six and all but this is a bit early for a teaser trailer me thinks.  Go Ding Chavez!

  2. ehutchins says:

    You obviously don’t understand the game or Clancy’s usual lean. The game will be about using the Rainbow Six team to attack the “terrorists” who threatened the Bankers, etc. Duh.

  3. Stephen says:

    That’s the irony of it.  People go “Oh boy, revenge!”, because the folks writing the game and marketing it underestimate how sympathetic those motivations are.

  4. Russ says:

    Wow, a game for the 1%.  Talk about micro-marketing.