Occupy Wall Street Protesters Become Office Drones; Have Big Empty Whiteboard for Media Content (Video)

A lot of people have been asking, “Where did all the people from Occupy Wall Street go to?” Well, some of them are holding G.A. meetings at 60 Wall Street (in the Deutsche Bank atrium), or doing work at the TD Bank that they’re currently occupying. CNN got the tip off and headed over to “The Occupied Office” (which at first we thought was going to be an Office parody because that’s how they styled their signs).

There is an argument made that going from battling against middle-class drudgery of the office drone lifestyle to doing it for free in the name of OWS is a little bit backwards (as is giving this “leaderless movement” a central hub of bureaucracy), but let’s just focus on that 1:00 time-stamp where they show the board that says “What the Print Media is Saying About the Occupation Today.”

That is one sad, empty looking board. Everyone, write more in your paper about Occupy Wall Street, so they can get enough clips on that board to win a free booze cruise.