Occupy Wall Street Regroups on Broadway: Lou Reed, Laurie Anderson, and Philip Glass Join the Fray at Lincoln Center

If you worked anywhere along NYC’s longest street, you may have seen a familiar sight yesterday evening: the Occupy Wall Street protesters! They were back!

Well, technically they never went anywhere. They’ve just “decentralized,” as one organizer put it. But yesterday’s march gathered thousands to the street as labor unions once again rallied in solidarity with OWS in a “”March for Jobs and Economic Fairness,” organized by the Central Labor Council. Ah, it’s good to hear those General Assembly names once again!

The path was an odd one: Herald Square to Union Square to Zuccotti Park, where a G.A. meeting was held at its nightly 7:00 time slot. Then back uptown to hear the 10:30 speech on the steps of Lincoln Center, where Philip Glass was the guest of honor, performing  his piece Satyagraha, in honor of Ghandi. . Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson were there too! You’d usually have to pay well over $200 for a musical lineup like that, but for tonight it was free.

Even so, that’s a lot of marching, but it’s good to get the blood flowing and remind people that you’re still around, despite Media Blackout 2.0 on New York’s own OWS. Good job for everyone involved, and mind those barricades that the police had set up well in preparation for the event. This weekend, Occupy Broadway is going back to Times Square, which, if nothing else, should bring about enough arrests to get the country to start paying attention to the NYC movement again.