Ray Kelly's Bad Night at Columbia (Video)

Awkward times at University with slide shows of police brutality and a thank you speech for "Keeping the city safe for white heterosexuals males."

Ray Kelly is not exactly a populist favorite right now, but then again, when are police commissioners ever considered to be working on behalf of the working class? (Besides Law & Order, and also Batman.) But Commissioner Kelly has it especially tough right now–particularly with students and journalists and civil rights groups.

That’s probably why NYU student and activist Matthew Swaye took time out Tuesday night to honor Commissioner Kelly for all the hard work he’s done with NYPD’s new “stop-and-frisk anyone looking suspicious” policy. He was also shouting, “Thank you for keeping the city safe for white heterosexual males.”

The video’s description reads:

Activists from the Stop Mass Incarceration Network in NYC “present” NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly with the Bull Connor Award for his policer force’s use of the unjust, I effective, and racist Stop and Frisk.

Commissioner Kelly was visiting the Columbia classroom of former New York Mayor David Dinkins, when his lecture was interrupted by “an NYU student” who put on a slide show of NYPD police brutality. The Commissioner ended up leaving the class a half hour early, trailed by Mr. Swaye.

The student screamed at Commissioner Kelly’s back while the officer was leaving the school: “700,000 black and Latino males stopped and frisked every year! Thank you sir, we can do better! 1 million Black and Latino males next year.”

In Mr. Kelly’s defense, the majority of the Occupy Wall Street protesters who were arrested this year were Caucasian, and they were given no special treatment.

Ray Kelly's Bad Night at Columbia (Video)