Reddit Campaign Takes Off: Punish GoDaddy for Supporting SOPA By Transferring Your Domains

A post submitted just six hours ago has already hit the top of Reddit with 1,927 comments and (quickly) counting. In it, a user who goes by the pseudonym self-prodigy claims to be an IT director for a major American company, and urges his/her fellow Redditors to declare December 29th the day to transfer domains away from GoDaddy as a sign of protest against the company’s support the Stop Online Privacy Act.

According to the post, self-prodigy claims to have already transferred 51 personal domains and 300 professional ones in his/her capacity as IT director. Go Daddy, the perpetrator of those tacky spokesbabe Superbowl ads, has more than 50 million domain names under management, and is currently largest domain name registrar worldwide. Read More