Rob Lowe Writes Again

Not just a pretty torso.

Rob Lowe earned accolades upon the publication of his memoir Stories I Only Tell My Friends when it turned out he was literate, or as The New York Times put it, “He’s Handsome — You Noticed? — but Not Just.” That Mr. Lowe was both a celebrity and had apparently read Elements of Style put him on the bestseller list. Now he’s back for another round!

His second memoir will be about “sex, marriage, money, work, fatherhood and sports, drawing upon Mr. Lowe’s own experiences and observations,” reports the Times. It’s called Love Life and will be published by Simon & Schuster, whose publisher Jonathan Karp signed up Rob Lowe’s first memoir while still publisher of Twelve in 2008. After signing a reported $1 million advance, Mr. Lowe bailed on that deal, moving the book to Henry Holt after Mr. Karp left Twelve. Now Mr. Karp will have his Rob Lowe memoir after all.