Roundup: Scott Stringer's Baby Photos; Shutdown Storm Blows Over; Desmond Tutu vs. Trinity Church

Maxwell Eliot Stringer (Photo: Manhattan Borough President's Office)

Manhattan Borough President Stringer showed off pictures of his newborn son, Maxwell Eliot Stringer (left).

Congress narrowly avoided another shutdown.

Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu wants Trinity Church to let protesters occupy its vacant lot on Canal Street.

Former Deputy Mayor Kevin Sheekey owns the web site 

Is Councilman Eric Ulrich the future of New York’s Republican party?

Janet DeFiore, head of the controversial Joint Committee on Public Ethics, denied the group had its first meeting behind closed doors.

JCOPE’s first public meeting is scheduled for December 20.

A group of Long Island high schoolers were suspended after mimicking Tim Tebow’s infamous post-touchdown prayer pose in a school hallway.

The House Judiciary Committee postponed action on the controversial SOPA internet piracy bill.

Bill Clinton went back on his vow never to appear on Bill O’Reilly’s show.