Safety School? As Stanford Says ‘See Ya!’ Bloomberg Hops in Bed with Big Red

How New York City got a better deal by going with the less prestigious choice.

On Monday, the lobby of the Weill Cornell Medical College, which resides on a particularly grayish stretch of the Upper East Side, was crawling with boosters in wooly blazers speckled with “carnelian” buttons—the technical name for the maroon hue that invariably moves Cornell students to chant some version of “Go Big Red!”

Inside the auditorium, as an assembly of press, pols, and local technorati waited for Mayor Bloomberg to appear, a giant projector flashed a mosaic of the Cornell University logo.

The news had been leaked to every major news outlet by midnight on Sunday; there was no point in being coy. Read More


  1. SJ says:

    While Stanford has greater prestige than Cornell, I think it’s foolish not to consider the general incentives at play with a Stanford-NYC partnership. Would Stanford send their best professors to NY? their best students? their best start-up opportunities? Would they allow NYC to eclipse the mothership at Silicon Valley? I find it doubtful, and the attitude of their BOT, students, and community reflected that sentiment. This is Cornell’s crown jewel and they have every incentive to see it succeed and eclipse SV. I think this analysis played a large part in NYC preferring Cornell.

    1. Nitasha Tiku says:

      Thanks, SJ. That jibes with what I heard too. Charlie Kim from Next Jump mentioned wondering if Stanford was conflicted about the Mayor’s plan to eclipse Silicon Valley. But it’s hard to reconcile that with the million or millions they invested to get to the point of applying (on legal, PR, architecture, etc.). Stanford’s has many offers before to build campuses around the world and this time the trustees voted 100 percent to apply. It’s not to say they weren’t wary or didn’t change their minds or listened to rumblings from the student body, but the notion of bettering Silicon Valley is right there in the RFP and they signed up.