Saying ‘Goodnight Moon’ No Longer Relevant to Today’s Hybrid Children/Robots

Once upon a time, children were put to bed with a bowl of mush and an old woman saying “hush.” Not anymore! Instead of the classic children’s book Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown, The New York Times writes that an updated version, called Goodnight iPad, by David Milgrim (who writes under the pseudonym “Ann Droyd”), has sold 120,000 copies. The book is billed as “a parody for the next generation.”

“The contrast between that quiet book and our noisy, buzzing lives seemed ripe for exploration and humor,” Mr. Milgrim tells the Times. Instead of the moon, the comb, the brush and the mush, the mother says goodnight to a lot of brand-name technology including Nooks and “LCD Wi-Fi HDTV.”