SeatGeek Publicly Launches Columbus, Its Event Recommendation Engine

seatgeek columbus SeatGeek Publicly Launches Columbus, Its Event Recommendation Engine

Yo La Tengo and Jeff Mangum. Sounds about right.

We give you the heads up on SeatGeek’s stealth project Columbus back in October. The service, which recommends sports and concerts to users, kind of like a Pandora for live events, launched today to the public.

“There are three distinct changes we made in response to user feedback from the beta,” says SeatGeek co-founder Russel D’Souza. “First off, since SeatGeek helps people find the best price for tickets on the secondary market, Columbus only consisted the secondary ticket markets, so that left out a lot of first run, Ticketmaster only type events, which we have now added.” Since we mostly stick to mainstream artists, this is key.

Number two, the artist recommendations. “When you initially added artists we only had currently touring artists, now you can add artists who have ceased touring or even ceased to exist.” That’s pretty important, considering a lot of our taste comes from long dead musicians. Hunch and Last.Fm help with this taste data, says Mr. D’Souza.

Lastly, importance. “It wasn’t clear which recommendations were really really strong and which ones just might be a decent match, so now they are color coded to tell you how important, so now we can put more events on the calendar.” Like, is this a once in a lifetime must not miss concert, or just something fun to do with an empty Saturday?