Say It Ain’t SOPA: Silicon Alley or Valley Can’t Compete With Hollywood’s Lobbying Money

casino jack review Say It Aint SOPA: Silicon Alley or Valley Cant Compete With Hollywoods Lobbying Money

The great SOPA scrub: lobbying money!

SOPA, short for the Stop Online Piracy Act, is a bill making its way through Congress, fueled by Hollywood’s lobbying dollars. Essentially, it would give the American government the opportunity to hit the kill switch on any domain accused of hosting violations of copyright, sight-unseen and without due process. That would be bad. The Internet knows this, Important People On The Internet know this, and they seem to be working very hard to make people aware of it.

Unfortunately, their efforts—at least as far as money is concerned—might not be enough to match the power of Hollywood’s lobbying cash.

Check out just how lucrative it is to support SOPA if you’re in Congress. Via, who did all the wonderful math on this matter:

Since the beginning of the 2010 election cycle, the 32 sponsors of the bill have received almost 4 times as much in campaign contributions from the movie, music, and TV entertainment industries ($1,983,596), which support the bill, as they have received from the software and Internet industries ($524,977), which believe the language goes too far.

Regardless of who you think has the money, it would appear only one of these two groups in opposition to one another know how to spend it.

And it’s not the geniuses with all the great numbers-driven algorithms. | @weareyourfek