Sotheby's Auctions Off Apocalypse-Proof Luxury Estate/Missile Silo

$1.76 million and you'll never have to worry about the end of the world again!

Own an exclusive piece of this private gated community. Adirondack Airpark Estates feature direct runway access and beautiful panoramic mountain views. Access to over 2000 feet of paved runway. Zoned to build studio apt in hangar for efficient getaway or office space. Constructed hangar is 42'x46' with automatic door. An absolute must-see. -
sketch edit 0 Sotheby's Auctions Off Apocalypse Proof Luxury Estate/Missile Silo

Floor plans for your End of the World Party Pad (Photo via Sotheby's International Realty)

If you’re the kind of person who has a backroom stock’s worth of batteries, flashlights, canned food, and clean water just in case , than Sotheby’s has the perfect home for you! This 195-acre property in the middle of a Saranac state park is being sold to highest bidder by the International Realty arm of the auction house, and it’s an impressive lot. Your own missile silo? Check! A tarmac and airplane hanger on your estate? Check! Two-thousand pound blast doors? Do we even need to answer that?

The former former launch control center was built by the U.S. military and is 9 stories…although only one of them happens to be above ground. Let’s take a look!


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