Teamsters: Sotheby’s Is Killing Christmas

1983 mickey greed scrooge Teamsters: Sothebys Is Killing Christmas

Mr. Ruprecht?

So far the art workers and their supporters have tried pranks, picket lines, an Occupy Wall Street alliance, a legal appeal to the National Labor Relations Board, and traditional negotiations, all to no avail. But perhaps a Christmas card will do the trick.

Sotheby’s has yet to let its locked-out workers back in after more than four months off the job due to disagreements over their union contract. So now the workers of the Local 814, the Teamsters union that includes art handlers at Sotheby’s high-end auctionhouse, have launched an email campaign comparing Sotheby’s CEO William Ruprecht to Scrooge and claiming the Teamsters have no money to care for their Tiny Tims. The catalyst? The locked-out workers are on the verge of losing their health insurance.

The “Sotheby’s: Bad for Art” campaign blasted out an email this morning: “How Sotheby’s Stole Christmas,” directing people to sign an online petition addressed to Mr. Ruprecht:

Sotheby’s: Don’t be a Scrooge

Dear  Sotheby’s CEO William Ruprecht,

Sotheby’s just celebrated its most profitable quarter in the company’s history, and yet, you have locked out your hardworking, loyal art handlers–some have worked at Sotheby’s for more than 40 years.

Not only are your employees now forced to face the holidays without jobs, but they will also be forced to ring in the New Year by losing their health care.

Stop being a Scrooge and end the lockout of your art handlers before January 1, 2012. Every working American deserves job security and health care.


  1. Strikeartist says:

     If you did your job correctly and didn’t have a bed set up in the basement to sleep off your drunk maybe you’d still be there. Nice sign in Dinks office too,..when the going gets tough,..great you guys are fat asses too,..lots of union lazy “entitled” morons,..I learned your job in a month and the big “Scrooge” still pulled off his sales even with your hippie loser friends helping. It’s sad because there are actually places where a collective voice is needed but, blew this by your action or inaction and your dilluted thinking that they actually needed you that much.

    1. Ireckon1 says:

      Oh by the way better watch your but Observer using Disney material they sued a daycare for using unliscenced mickey.,..just sayin.

  2. Justsaying says:

    Ignorance is bliss…you might want to put your foot in your mouth seeing as you are just as replacable to them, or even more.  What you learned in a month will not compare to what these guys have gained the years they have spent there.  You sound like every other idiot repeating the same thing about union workers when have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. Enjoy it now because it won’t last.

  3. TheRhino says:

    I worked with these guys last year, before the lockout.  They’re the hardest working, nicest bunch of people you’d ever want to meet, a real credit to the human race.  Busted their asses even though they knew Sotheby’s was going to screw them. 

    They aren’t the bunch of drunks and freeloaders that Strikeartist makes them out to be.  And this isn’t about “dilluted thinking that they actually needed you that much” It’s about fair pay and fair treatment negotiated above board. 

    Something strikeartist (wonder why he picked that name, when the art handlers at Sotheby’s were LOCKED OUT) is incapable of understanding.