Tennessee Woman Answers Age Old Question ‘Can You Bring Guns Into the 9/11 Memorial?’

fountain1 300x200 Tennessee Woman Answers Age Old Question Can You Bring Guns Into the 9/11 Memorial?

No guns allowed!

And the answer is surprisingly…no. No you can’t bring a gun into the 9/11 memorial, even if you politely tell a guard that you have a gun in your purse, forgot totally about it, and just want to check your firearm in the front desk, as was the case with 39-year-old Meredith Graves, a Tennessee native who didn’t know the rules about big city mice and 32-caliber firearms.

Although the 9/11 memorial guard’s response was pretty hilarious.

The guard told her that she was in luck because of “law enforcement day” — and led her to another area.

When she got to that section, she asked another cop, “We have this gun — can we check it in here? We [my husband and I] are not law-enforcement.”

That’s when she was arrested.

Oh honey, we’re in luck! It’s Law Enforcement Day! Unliker the other 364 days a year in NYC!
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