Texting, the Cloud, and John Mayer Jokes: 100 Things That Died in 2011

Tech things people (mostly tech bloggers) have declared dead in 2011.

2012 will be the apocalypse for at least these 100 internet-related things, according to tech bloggers and other persons of authority! Here is a list of things that supposedly gave up the ghost in 2011. Read More


  1. silent0 says:

    It looks like you actually have 101 items (see number 75). Also, it should be noted that some of these items are “dead” for all intents and purposes (Google Buzz and Wave to name two).

  2. Hunter Peress says:

    Email will never die. It has proven time and time again that it is the easiest way to share info.

    Email is the original social network. 

    I can print via email with HP’s new printer. 

    Posterous is based on email.

    Email is easy, ubiquitous, and will never die. 

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    1. Amannan1962 says:

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