The Continued Fetishization of Sexy Techies

Media is doing its best to bring techie-sexy back. Following on the Silicon Alley calendar, we’ve got StyleCaster’s Top 25 IT Kids of 2011, which after reading the description we thought would be pictures of the dolled-up progeny of power user moms and dads. Nope! It’s more washed out pictures of stylish techies! Here’s a cheat sheet to the New Yorkers: Jason Kincaid of TechCrunch, Dave Tisch of TechStars, Ben Lerer of Thrillist, the Birchbox ladiesBilly Chasen of, Jonathan Zabusky of Seamless, Noah Weiss of Foursquare, Artsicle, Lauren Applewick of, and Alexandra Wilkis of Gilt Groupe.