The Hottest New York Startups, According to Betabeat’s Search Traffic

Wow! Betabeat has been in business for ten months. (We launched just after SXSW.) As you can imagine, with 2,634 posts, now a staff of four writers, and commenters starting to wake up, the site’s search traffic is steadily bumping up. So—curious about who people are curious about? Here are the top ten most searched-for startups, according to Betabeat’s traffic stats from Google Analytics.


2. Fitocracy

3. Hashable


5. Tumblr

6. Jumo

7. ToVieFor

8. Kickstarter

9. TechStarsNY

10. Nodejitsu

Of course, these are hardly the hottest startups in New York so much as the startups we’ve done the most exhaustive (or most inflammatory) coverage of.

“Betabeat” itself would have come in at #2. Damn you, Turntable.