This War Horse is Not Just a War Horse

Equine extravagance reins in whispers of Oscar nods no less in Steven Spielberg’s spectacular adaptation of a British theater epic

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Steven Spielberg at the top of his powers as one of the most successful and creative film directors of the past century is the best reason I can think of to get off your duff and head for the cinema on Christmas Day. You will not believe the epic splendor, sweeping drama and heart-stopping passion he brings to War Horse. It’s a rare and genuine movie masterpiece that deserves the label in a thousand ways.

Turning a beloved play into a movie is a job for either a fool or a daredevil. Mr. Spielberg is neither, but he is a visionary with unflinching faith in his own instincts. He must have known going in that he couldn’t satisfy the myriad fans of the London and Broadway hit about the cruel things the British did to their horses in World War I. On the stage, the familiar theme of a boy’s unshakable love for his horse was innovative in its use of life-size puppets with real feelings and expressions that moved like Tinker Toys. The film uses actual horses to tell the story of a colt named Joey, sold to the cavalry to lug the cannons of war through the German trenches, and a farmboy named Albert Narracott, who enlisted to travel halfway across Europe to rescue him from the front lines. On screen, Albert is played by impossibly handsome newcomer Jeremy Irvine, whose career is already reaching rocket force (he follows War Horse as Pip in the new production of Dickens’s Great Expectations). Instead of puppets, Joey is played by 15 different horses, but the one featured most prominently is American equine Finder, who starred in Seabiscuit. Finder is a four-legged superstar who can do everything but talk, even though he has a way of communicating with Albert that is awesome. What he goes through in War Horse is so rending that never before has the disclaimer “No animals were harmed in the filming of this motion picture” carried so much badly needed reassurance. Finder deserves an Oscar for—well, for being the best and most beautiful horse on the screen.

Based on the 1982 children’s novel by Michael Morpurgo, War Horse is an elegiac film that clocks in at two hours and 20 minutes, but I treasured every single second. Mr. Spielberg brings so much decency and integrity to the familiar theme of a boy in love with a horse that I didn’t miss the puppets at all. The humor and spirit that had such a profound impact on audiences young and old are not only preserved, but enhanced by the personalities of real animals. The careful result is a personalized experience that inspires the same kind of love audiences used to have for Lassie.

The vast and sprawling screenplay by Lee Hall and Richard Curtis respects the story enough to leave it unchanged, without embellishment. A hardscrabble sharecropper named Ted Narracott goes to auction to buy a plow horse, but instead he arrogantly outbids his greedy, mean-spirited landlord (David Thewlis) for a magnificent animal of no real value to a crop planter, bringing down the wrath of his pragmatic, long-suffering wife, Rose (Emily Watson). Their besotted son, Albie, names the horse Joey and vows to teach him how to pull his weight and till the soil. Joey is stubborn and willful with a mind of his own, and when the crops fail, the only way to pay the rent is to sell Joey to the military. The next hour is told from the horse’s point of view as the camera follows him through the French battlefields in 1914, where he is cared for by a kind British officer, to enemy lines, where he bonds with a headstrong black stallion, a German deserter and a Dutch girl who protects him by hiding him in a windmill. Captured by the enemy, Joey finally ends up in the Somme where Albie sees combat at last. In one particularly sensational sequence, Joey is trapped in barbed wife and rescued by two soldiers, one German and one British, who momentarily put aside their differences through a mutual compassion for an injured animal, use wire cutters to save the horse’s life, and take a minute to share memories of their homes on opposite sides of the conflict. If you are not moved to tears by that scene, or by Albie’s eventual reunion with his horse, then you need to see a doctor.

The logistics are overwhelming. According to the Imperial War Museum, more than four million horses perished in the so-called Great War, and Mr. Spielberg puts you right into the middle of their pain and terror in sequences using as many as 5,800 extras and 280 horses without computer-generated images. What an accomplishment. Like the play, the emotional high point of the film is when Albie finally finds Joey. By this time, you’re so weary from the gas masks, the grenades, the rats and the cannon fire that you can hardly summon the strength for tears, but when Albie, blinded by mortar, and Joey, lame and half-dead, reach the green pastures and rose gardens of Devon, the tears are evident without coaxing.  Will Rogers always said, “Horses are smarter than humans. You never heard of a horse going broke betting on people.” True, but when Albie and Joey reunite, two wounded soldiers of war going home together, you feel the values horses and humans can share through love, loyalty, persistence and understanding. It left me emotionally wrecked.

War Horse is a don’t-miss Spielberg classic that reaches true perfection. It’s as good as movies can get, and one of the greatest triumphs of this or any other year. For maximum enjoyment, I recommend both a box of tissues and a box of popcorn.


Running Time 146 minutes

Written by Lee Hall and Richard Curtis

Directed by Steven Spielberg

Starring Jeremy Irvine, Emily Watson and David Thewlis



  1. billyjoe says:

     Watching “War Horse” couldn’t possibly match the joy I experienced reading Mr. Reed’s slobbering, over-the-top review of the movie. 

    1. Billy G says:

      Hardly over the top.  You probably think it’s ok to eat horse meat billyjerk.

      1. Bobnunny says:

        Not that I advocate it, but what makes a horse more wrong to eat than a chicken, cow, lamb, deer, or pig..or even a fish?

      2. Anonymous says:

        Nothing.  But I’m guessing when you like to have relations with horses like Billy G does you tend to get a little sentimental.

      3. Libbasher411 says:

        Because we have an understanding wit  horses, as well as dogs, that if they are good to us, we won’t eat them. It’s simple, really. How do you eat something, such as a dog, that would die for you?

      4. Anonymous says:

        You are loony.  

      5. Anonymous says:

        Horse meat is great!  I had some last time I was in France, really good stuff.

      6. Anonymous says:

        They all taste better than Horse, however the French do not agree.  Thousands of USA horses are shipped in cruel conditions to France every year because we have no end of life – abbatoir program for aged horses.

      7. Anonymous says:

        What is wrong with eating horse meat?  Is it morally wrong?

      8. Anonymous says:

        Ok, I’ll bite.  Tell us all why.  I’ll come back and read your reasons after I finish my tasty horse burger.

    2. Anonymous says:

      I’m actually embarrassed for Reed on this one.

  2. Leeward46 says:

    I’ve read that JOEY was played by a thoroughbred named FINDER. Does anyone know his full jockey club registered name?
    Wishing that all TBs could be -rehomed- alas that is not possible. Less should be bred. Doubt the jockey club and TB breeders like to hear THAT , which is the truth.

  3. buckbamboo says:

    Looks Goog

    1. Anonymous says:

      Hey Marine, are you having trouble spelling?

      1. Anonymous says:

        No, he typed what he meant.  I also think the movie looks Goog.

      2. Anonymous says:

        LOL.  Insanity reigns on this page.

  4. buckbamboo says:


  5. Anonymous says:

    If a critic loves a movie this much then I know it will probably suck.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Who runs Hollywood? Ask Mel. 

  7. avagirl says:

    We were looking for a movie to go see, now after reading the comments, guess we will stay home

    1. Anonymous says:

      Why do that?  Go see it and make up your own mind.  

      Btw, come back here and let us know what you think of the movie.

  8. stoptouchingthatmabel says:

    Rex Reed is alive………… really?

  9. Guest says:

    “barbed wire wife”

    You’re an idiot. Learn to proofread on a 4th grade level before you tell us what to watch.

    1. Alan says:

      Now that you mention it, “Barbed Wire Wife” sounds like a great name for a band!  BTW, the correct quote from the review is “barbed wife”.  Next up; Irony.

  10. Anonymous says:

    UT OH—–I thought it was going to be a must see for  me but now———-

  11. Anonymous says:

    epic splendor, sweeping drama and heart-stopping passion… Yeh. It’ll suck.

  12. Mommimagistra says:


  13. Anonymous says:

    I know what it’s like to be stuck in barbed wife.  Nothing to joke about.

  14. doc1 says:

    unfortunately I will have to enjoy the book as I do not intend to donate any money to hollywood liberals to donate to the destruction of our country.

    1. Gregor Samsa says:

      The KKK is out in force tonight.

      1. Jonathan says:

        Gregor must mean that the Democrats (Founders of the KKK in the South) and the anti-semitic Occupiers are out marching tonight.  Why this is relevant I do not know, but thank you for the warning Gregor.  I too will not give any of my money to the liberal scum like Spielberg that have polluted the minds of American youth.  Also Gregor, remember to vote out all the racist Democrats like Holder, the Democrat   Black Caucus, Obama, and the rest of the socialists that have disgraced Washington D.C. for too long.

      2. Corrino says:

        You are a silly old fool. it’s a movie. Just a movie. To place in any onther context as you have done is to be unable to understand basic artistc expression. you have cake but you will only tastes bread .

      3. Lighthorse88 says:

        Corrino, we live in the most violent society in the history of mankind,….because in large part, people like you say…”just a movie”  When is a movie propaganda, even if for a moment?

      4. Jim says:

        Lighthorse88 Well first people should go to the movies they want to and  not go to the ones they don’t. And have freedom to express their reasons. But if you check your history we are living in one of the most peaceful times because in a free society propaganda is neutralized by open media, Now with the technologies we have unlimited sources of information. The chinese, germans and russians just to name a few, wiped out 100’s of millions of people during  most of the last century. So basically you are spreading propaganda by your statement “we live in the most violent society in the history of mankind.” But you do have a right to say it… just as I can know thetrut

      5. Scott Brown says:

        I guess you are a young fool.  That’s okay, maybe you will grow out of it.  He said nothing about the movie itself.  The quality of the movie has nothing to do with the fact that the people who profit from the movie give vast sums of money to support causes the poster opposes.  You may disagree with him, but if you don’t even grasp the concept that’s pretty sad.

      6. run4est says:

        Birth of a Nation was just a movie.

      7. Truth Serum says:

        41 likes and counting for Jonathon’s post. May we see that same turnout next year at the voter booths and get this IDIOT president out of office and his cronies.

      8. Tina Ferrer says:

        Yes. EOM

      9. Tina Ferrer says:

        Yes. EOM

      10. concretetundra says:

        I don’t think 41 votes is gonna do it. 

      11. WelfareIsRacist says:

        131 votes for Jonathan, 2 for Gregor Samsa.  That’s a pretty good sampling and bodes well for the country.

      12. Anonymous says:

        You missed the point! WelfareIsRacist got it right! It’s more of an opinion poll than a vote at this point, but the “poll” is overwhelming! And it’s more overwhelming with even opinion that is expressed!

      13. concretetundra says:

        I didn’t miss the point. I was being sarcastic. The Internet sure could use a sarcasm font. And besides, this article was posted on Drudge. Of course the “votes” are going to be lopsided when they are coming from Drudge. Drudge readers don’t like Obama in about a 100 to 1 ratio. But overall, you’ll be shocked to know, there are plenty of people out there who are still with Obama. You are probably underestimating his chances of winning in November. He won’t get the Drudge vote.

      14. Kg4boe says:

        I’ll bet you would like the vote counting to end early in November as well.  Ain’t gonna happen!

      15. Daniel Martin Gray says:

        And while Gregor and his Prog friends are at it, perhaps they would like to protest the millionaires who donate money and lend “moral” support to those who would control the rest of us.

        Many are in Hollywood. They claim to want higher taxes on the rich, but I don’t see any of them simply donating to the Federal Treasury.

        Espousing causes and lending likenesses only further their own careers, at little cost or risk to themselves.

        They have been blessed with extraordinary talents, at least entertaining ones, and believe their own hype. They think they are smarter and better than everyone else. They aren’t.


      16. Earlgonzalez says:

        Boycott Hollywood. Just find an #Occupier and get a bootleg copy for free.

      17. Jim says:

        The only way to combat the Hollywood misinformation is in the schools. Unfortunately the ones we have let run the education system are of like minds with Hollywood. We need to take back school systems.

      18. Usnadad says:

        Jim, Jim, Jim. You dick, dick, dick.

      19. Anonymous says:

        @Usnadad?  How is Jim a d, d, d?  He hit thenail on the head.  Oh…ur a Leftist/Liberal hiding in the river of denial. 

      20. Anonymous says:

        You’re right:  the conservative Democrats in the South were pretty much the founders of the KKK.  I wonder why an “impartial” person with pure motives such as yourself failed to mention that the conservative Republicans in the South are their replacement?  It’s the same folks hiding under a different name, so why not recognize that, Jonathan?  It’s an understatement to say that I’m not fond of either liberals or conservatives, but I hate to see people trying to distract from the facts with misleading information.  The truth is this:  No matter how hard they try to change it, it’s the conservatives harbor the vast majority of the racism and homophobia in this country, although they’ve tried to deny it or couch it in terms of religion, tradition,  “family values,”  or economics.

      21. Peterson says:

        I suppose these were Republicans too?

        Democrat Senators organized the record Senate filibuster of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Included among the organizers were several prominent and well known liberal Democrat standard bearers including: 
        – Robert Byrd, former senator from West Virginia 
        – J. William Fulbright, Arkansas senator and political mentor of Bill Clinton 
        – Albert Gore Sr., Tennessee senator, father and political mentor of Al Gore. Gore Jr. has been known to lie about his father’s opposition to the Civil Rights Act. 
        – Sam Ervin, North Carolina senator of Watergate hearings fame 
        – Richard Russell, famed Georgia senator and later President Pro Tempore 

      22. Task says:

        Not only are you right but they simply changed the plantation going from private to government and got the North to pay for it.

      23. Anonymous says:

        @hekime.  Thanks for YOUR opinion substantiated with NO facts of support.

      24. PrivacyinA9M80 says:

        I laughed so hard at this I cried. Thanks.

      25. Mike Connor says:

        The Democrats are the worst thing to happen to black folks, even now.

      26. jerry says:

        Good point Jonathan.  Have you ever noticed that Islam and the KKK have so much in common?

      27. Lighthorse88 says:

        Maybe doc1 is just a little better read than yourself, Gregor.

      28. Justin Case says:

        Truth is out tonight

      29. Anonymous says:

        Gregor, why do you have it in for old southern democrats?

      30. Anonymous says:

        Barry, get off the computer, come on, the girls want to surf and then go shopping, quit playing the race card, try go fish, and call your mom.

      31. Mike Connor says:

        what…are you joining in with the rest of your disgusting hooded coward friends?

      32. vtwinrider says:

        OK, Gregor…anyone you disagree with is a member of the KKK.
        There’s a word for people who don’t believe that others have a right to express their opinion. Does “fascist” ring a bell?
        Besides, since the KKK was founded by the Democratic party in the 1870s, it’s easy to see where your philosophical roots lie.
        BTW, Gregor, anyone who’s studied the history of fascism would know that modern liberals are fascists since they all trace their ideologies back through Mussolin, Hitler, and Lenin (you want security, give us your freedom as payment), the Fabians, Jeremy Bentham (the individual can be sacrificed for the “greater good”), Robespierre (that was one hell of a liberal party in 1793….I can get you a bargain on a tumbril if you want), back to Rousseau.

    2. Anonymous says:

      Oh please, is the country in that bad of a shape? I don’t think Obama did anything different than any other president would have. I can’t take the GOP seriously anymore, especially with  the current crop of GOP candidates.  I plan on voting for Obama again.

      1. No, Ratboy- the country is in just fine shape for Sheep such as yourself. With the collapse of the economy imminent from the government looting the till (that would be your boy Obama and his Democrat party) and the Bill of Rights being eviscerated as we speak, there is nothing to worry about whatsoever.
        Just keep watching TV. You’ll be ‘fine’.

      2. Truth Serum says:

        Exactly. Boehner and the House Republicans had a ONE YEAR social security payroll tax break passed, but DEMOCRAT Senate majority leader Dirty Harry Reid torpedoed it demanding a two MONTH deal. WTF kind of government idiot wants to run legislation on a two month plan?

        But listening to the liberal media and their offspring Obama who trotted out some basket case dude who won’t be able to have pizza dinners for his family, it’s would be ALL the GOP’s fault if the  tax plan wasn’t passed. And Boehner is an IDIOT for not stating what they were fighting for instead of making it look like he caved to Obama who did NOTHING!

        Oh wait, wasn’t this a movie about a boy and his horse? LOL.

      3. Krfair says:

        I am amazed at the intensity of the comments. We can comment on the movie and decide whether it is worth seeing or not on a personal basis and vote this socialist out of office on next November. I think by now any freedom loving American with half a brain realizes this President is very dangerous and must go taking Eric Holder with him.

    3. Earlgonzalez says:

      If you really want to see it pay for a movie with the most conservative message you can find and after you watch that go in a see war horse

    4. concretetundra says:

      I’m glad you mentioned this.  I am going to buy an extra ticket when I see the movie just so I can offset your non-purchase.  If it does eleven dollars worth of destruction to our country, well, so be it.   I think those Hollywood liberals put out some great movies. 

    5. james says:

      You mean you don’t want to donate money to speilberg, who has made films like ‘saving private ryan’ and the HBO epic ‘band of brothers’  which educate younger americans of the sacrifices of their forefathers? right..

    6. Anonymous says:

      Ditto! I don’t plan to put a penny of profit into the coffers of those, like Spielberg, who are determined and complicit in destroying our civilization! I’ll wait to watch it on “free” tv, borrow it from a friend or the library, or just say “pass”! I can live without one movie!

      1. Alydar6 says:

        Geez….get a life. It’s just a f***ing movie!

      2. Ralphmalph says:

        so sez the sheeple….

      3. LibertyToad says:

        That’s the problem, no body has any principles anymore–they just don’t care about right or wrong–their moral compasses are broken.  Some of us stand for something; what do you stand for?….

      4. grkorbel says:

        NOBODY has any principles any more. If that’s the case, than neither do you. Or did you mean “I am one of the elect with principles in an unprincipled world.”?

        Such moral arrogance!

      5. Rationalist says:

        Dimwit – did you have to go through a whole tube of glue to think of that response all by yourself…? Liberty Toad was responding logically about people who don’t have enough moral fortitude or intelligence to take a stand for something (as in YOU).  It’s not moral arrogance – it’s knowing right from wrong and wanting to make a difference in the world. But you wouldn’t understand that, would you, Einstein ?

      6. Lord4747 says:

        Where did you study philosophy?  Where did you learn to associate not going to a movie rated as family friendly and based on a wonderful children’s novel as having a moral compass.  Just because you do not like the director… Better stop eating food, buying stocks, driving cars etc.  Because someone in that food chain would be someone you would not approve of…

        Better not call others dimwit when you are witless!

      7. Denise Rae says:


      8. swatch1 says:

        Geez, you guys sound a lot like Weimar Germany.  Get ready for American grass roots fascism and brown shirts.  This country was founded on “very” liberal values, with respect to the times (monarchies, religious intolerance…).  There are lots of very hard working liberal people, and there are lot’s of good-for-nothing radical conservatives.  They don’t have anything to do with one another.  Get your facts straight.  If you want to go retro, you’re all in for a big shock when you get what you want.  I’m leaving for Sweden ASAP.

      9. Swatch2 says:

        You guys are really going after the small potatoes.  Why don’t you attack liberals and their policies that have made real changes in our lives…Jesus, child labor law leaders, woman’s suffrage leaders,  FDR?  Attacking enterntainment which has had liberal values since the days of King’s jesters is like attacking a mouse for having a tail.  Artists in general are creative folks that think out of the box, and by their nature are going to be a little liberal.   You can always download some Nazi war propaganda to make your fasicist hearts all warm and fuzzy this Christmas season.

      10. CK says:

        Steven Spielberg has made a genuine difference in this world, so what do you imagine you’re talking about?  “Wrong” is refusing an artist the right to make a living because you don’t like his politics.  They used to think like that in the Soviet Union, too.  You’re making a stand for wrong, wrong, wrong.

      11. Steve says:

        It’s very simple. Anyone having a strong moral compass, clearly knowing right from wrong,  would not pay to go to the best movie ever made if they realize that the money they pay is going into the coffers of people who will use that money to undermine our great country. When you realize that the money spent  to see the picture is  being funneled to support an immoral, socialist agenda that will greatly weaken, damage and change the very nature of our country…you would be never pay money to see it.
        Not seeing the movie is a very small price for each of us to pay. 

      12. P Humphrey says:

        I stand for liberty, even for those I don’t agree with.  What do you stand for?

      13. Anonymous says:

        How about standing for standards?  How about standing for virtues like hard work, self-sacrifice, and courage?  You wrongly use the term liberty as a synonym for licentiousness – it isn’t.

      14. Steve says:

        You are absolutely right.  So many today shout for their freedom or liberty, not realizing that freedom involves a lot of responsibility. It involves  respecting the rights and feelings of other people around you. Freedom is not licentiousness.

      15. Anonymous says:

        And how do you KNOW, FOOL, what “so many shout for today, not realizing?”

        FAUX News tell you that? Ann Coulter, Lush Rumbaugh?

        You say respecting the rights and feelings of other people..? and imply, somehow, this is proper? WOW, REALLY? FIGURE THAT OUT ALL BY YOURSELF, GENIUS?

        Well, let me ask you something. Does that also apply to those that disagree with you?  If you say YES, then YOU AGREE WITH HUMPHREY…and that would be VERY LIBERAL of you.

        If you say NO, then you, like HOMINID, reveal yourself for what you REALLY are .


      16. Anonymous says:

        But NOT Liberty? Is that what you’re REALLY saying, Quisling?

      17. Anonymous says:

        Let’s see. I re-read my post and no, I didn’t say that anywhere. Are you one of those hallucinating libs or just the regular delusional sort?

      18. Anonymous says:

        P HUMPHREY:  See? You were right, and they admit it. They DON’T stand for liberty and even try to besmirch it as “Licentiousness”, which it isn’t. Remember these words: They just CAN’T help showing what they are.

        They are the REICH WING. They are NOTHING but the New American Nazi Party. They prove the unthinking Quislings they are. Hard work? Self-sacrifice, COURAGE?  HOW ASININE to seperate that FROM  Liberty since they are THE SAME THING!

        They talk about the destruction of this country. Feeble-minded as they are, they don’t realize they are the ones DOING THE DESTRUCTING.

      19. Lord4747 says:

        I stand for movies that encourage love, loyalty, truth and honor…what about you?

      20. Denise Rae says:

        All this over a movie? Get  real. With that attitude you should get rid of your TV and stay away from the cinemas.

      21. LibertyToad says:

        That’s the problem, no body has any principles anymore–they just don’t care about right or wrong–their moral compasses are broken.  Some of us stand for something; what do you stand for?….

      22. grkorbel says:

        Such hypocrties! Let’s burn all of Goethe, the music of Beethoven and Mozart, and remove all the paintings of Michaleangelo and da Vinci because the Germans and Italiens were in alliance to impose depotism on the world.

        Let’s also ban traditional Chinese medicine, Tai Chi, and Chinese culture in this country because China has become a threat to the American and world economy.

        The problem with these zealots is that they are constitutionally illiterate and don’t get that whether it was by divine intervention, human ingenuity, or just plain dumb luck, the constitution is much bigger, more endurable, and virtually indestructible and has always coconquered the wayward idealogies of man.

        Speilburg is hardly the enemy. The really dangerous people are those who see malevolence everywhere . Can theres morons actually believe Spielberg or Ron Howard wants to “destroy” America? Can they not see that they merely have a different view on the degree to which the government should be involved in helping the disenftanchised.

        I’m an independent. Since Sbenard and Alydar6 won’t go see the film (which is wondeful and spiritually elevating) I’ll just have to take four or five friends to see it to compensate for keeping their $12.00 in their pockets.   

        Insofar as Alydar6 goes, my guess is that he is a fan of horseracing which quite literally slaughters thousands of horses each year simply because they can’t make their owners a profit.

        What an interesting morality!

        Vilify Spielberg and turn a blind eye to an industry that can only stay afloat by killing animals not fit for the sport.

      23. Cynroski says:

        You will have to take tens of thousands, if not millions, of friends. There’s a lot of us who don
        ‘t spend a dime on Hollywood.

      24. Black Eagle says:

        Getting a life means to take responsibility for what you can, when you can.  And also to hold others responsible for what they have done.  So please, Alydar6, go back to smoking your weed and picking up your welfare check.

      25. Golden says:

        I partially agree.  I won’t pay or view as I have an opinion as to where it is going to go. Example, Streisand has a beautiful, lovely voice, utterly unique.  It is timeless and she is a master of presentation. She is an arch liberal.  I no longer buy her recordings.  I no longer watch CBS after Letterman’s very crude references to Palin’s teenage daughter.  I woke up and realized I, individually,  was supporting them all, felt wrong about it, and stopped.  I changed my conduct in a general way.  It is only a movie, or only a recording or only a television presentation.  No, not if I support it economically  Then I am to blame. Not any more.  It is my private choice.  I don’t encourage anyone else to thusly act; find your own level.  Be honestly responsible to yourself.  Best regards to all readers.

      26. Dan Reidy says:

        I always buy a ticket to another movie so the liberal scumbags don’t get the money…

      27. reidy, you sound like an extremist right winger. It’ not the 50s anymore you need your brain rewired sir.

      28. Black Eagle says:

        Spielberg, Hanks, Eastwood and others have all twisted the facts of WW-II, making the American GI in their films.  Not interested to see more.  

      29. another sad sorry human being, live a little sbenard, life is short.

      30. Shoelois says:

        i feel the same way about right wing nuts. i no longer buy any products that advertises on fox.

      31. CK says:

        Goodness gracious, how is making a beautiful piece of art  “destroying our civilization?”  Do you even hear yourself?  Do you realize that judging art by the artist’s politics is the very core of fascism?  I suspect that what’s really going on is you’re afraid to watch this film because you know it will make you think and feel, and we can’t have that!  Appreciation of art made with feeling might make you understand why people are “liberal.”  Better to be unthinking and unfeeling… which is the exact opposite of civilized.

      32. Bbethany7 says:

        Spielberg is destroying our civilisation? SBERNARD! Call a doctor immediately! Your are ill.

    7. Buzzcut2000 says:

      Another pathetic America hating right wingnut job who must turn EVERYTHING into their hate
      For decent Americans. Grow a soul move to a nice totalitarian country like north Korea

      1. Anonymous says:

        Obama, is that you?  I think the “wingnuts” will stay here and vote your commie ass out next year.

      2. Rationalist says:

        “America hating”…? Seems to me, Spielberg and his Hollywood ilk supported our failed social experiment with contributions compiled from your hard earned tax dollars watching his flicks.  If you think people are “wingnuts” and hate America for trying to take a stand against the  supporters of those who REALLY hate our country, then you are even more ignorant that your statement implies…but, there again, how could that possibly be…?

    8. Anonymous says:

      Sorry, theyre not going to make a pop-up-book or coloring book for you. 

      The destruction of our country is coming about because of greed, and because of the dumbing down of the electorate, as evidenced by your absurdly stupid post.

    9. Anonymous says:

      doc1, Well that makes 8 of us. Seven of us here, in my family, and you aren’t going to see the movie. I grew up on a farm, worked hard, but I had two horses I loved beyond words. One a Palomino, Star, and the other an old bay Mayer, Tina. Oh yes they are intelligent as heck. I would get on Star after a hard day, and like magic she knew which pretty little damsel to take me to and share some personal time with, under a great Oak along the trail. Every child should should experience the love of a horse. I would love to see the movie, but like you no money, to Spielberg, to use against us.
      Merry Christmas!!!

    10. idiot… if you think Hollywood is what is destroying out country then you don’t have a clue what is really going on and are ignoring the real problems. Speilberg is as conservative as it gets.

    11. Geez, take it easy doc its movie not a gun. you must be one sad sorry individual.

    12. Gesurvivor says:

      EXACTLY EXACTLY EXACTLY….absolutely how I feel about donating one damn more dime to the …  in Hollywood.  Don’t care how deep the hype.  Liberals lost my moola moons ago.

    13. sandy lord says:

      what do politics have to do with a classic story about a boys love for a horse and the horse loyalty to the boy?

    14. Wilsonbl5150 says:

      So let me get this straight.  You won’t go to the movies because you believe the director with use part of the profits he makes in a way you believe “destroys” America.  If that is the case how do you by gasoline, or heating oil?  AS of 2009 , OPEC supplied 40 percent of the oil that was imported into the United States .Do you believe that none of the profits OPEC makes are channeled to terrorist organizations bent on literally burning the US to the ground?

    15. Rjsquirrel101 says:

      Strange, being paranoid, isn’t it?

    16. Denise Rae says:

      You are such a ewe. You do not watch TV [outside of Faux news] with that attitude do you? People are entitled to their beliefs as do you. I never let a actor political stance stop me. I enjoyed many of Jane Fonda’s movies even though I do/did not share her stance for she is one hell of a actress. As for the destruction of our country, seems to me that the GOP is doing a pretty good job of it on their own this year and I am so glad I left  that party years ago,

    17. Joe de Leon says:

      Really?  You mean the same Liberals that have been fighting two wars for the fat rich cats on wall street?  Because they or their  spawn refuse to serve their country.  The same Liberals who bailed out Wall Street after it looted all of America’s tax-payers.  The Republicans continue to block all attempts to pass a jobs bill to help the tax-payers they robbed.  Obviously you are connected to these scoundrels in some way.  You and your minions are destroying this country!

    18. Bbethany7 says:

      Too late. It’s already destroyed by people like you.

    19. Well, the go enjoy your well-worn copy of the Blue Collar Tour on VHS.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I heard in exchange for this review that Spielberg agreed to let Reed have some alone time with the horses on the set.

  16. Saddened but resolute says:

    Thank you, Mr. Reed.  Bravo.  Since when does it take courage to inspire and uplift in a simple movie review?  Why the hatred???  Yes, some wounded souls care more for animals than people, and many others blindly worship “the environment” despite the destructionopf everything else.  Others of us still can find a soft spot in our hearts for decency, compassion, loyalty, true heroism, and pure relationships based on unconditional lovc that innocent creatures all around us exemplify.   I pity the cynical empty sacks of skin who clutter this comment page with their bitterness.  “By their fruits you shall know them…”  God help us all.  

  17. Joe Dutra says:

    A bigger dump than National Velvet, Mr. Ed, and Black Beauty combined. 

    A horse is a horse, of course of course
    And no one can talk to a horse, of course

    1. Joe Dutra says:

      Oh, I forgot ‘My Friend Flicka’.

  18. Fartman says:

    “impossibly handsome newcomer”??? yea, we know now the horse that rex reed would like to mount.

    1. Bobdogblues says:

      you know it. let her rip, fartman!!!

  19. Anonymous says:

    What a fairy tail ,, those horses would have been chopped into dog food by machine gun fire ,,,,,,,pure PETA  bull crap ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    1. concretetundra says:

      Excellent use of commas slickzip,,,,,,,  I am definitely pro-comma and if anyone on here accuses me of being otherwise they just aren’t American. 

    2. concretetundra says:

      Excellent use of commas slickzip,,,,,,,  I am definitely pro-comma and if anyone on here accuses me of being otherwise they just aren’t American. 

  20. Anonymous says:

    Gee Rex. Just reread the story and,, wow. How much did someone pay you for this over the top twaddle? Like this statement.For maximum enjoyment, I recommend both a box of tissues and a box of popcorn. I’m afraid to ask what I may need the tissues for.

  21. Ineedleyou says:

    Thanks for revealing the end of the movie “shit for brains”, I’ll just wait for it on netflix in like a year…or not.

  22. Anonymous says:

    What a load of PETA  crap  those horeses  would have been chopped into dog food by the machinegun fire ,,,,,,,,

  23. Anonymous says:

    I am sorry, but would never base my decision on whether or not to see a movie based on a Rex Reed recommendation.  He is one of the worst reviewers of all time.  I am, however, very much looking forward to taking my family to this movie.

  24. Anonymous says:

    I am sorry, but would never base my decision on whether or not to see a movie based on a Rex Reed recommendation.  He is one of the worst reviewers of all time.  I am, however, very much looking forward to taking my family to this movie.

  25. Sounded more like a review for Barney Frank- the horse he really wants to mount.

  26. Sounded more like a review for Barney Frank- the horse he really wants to mount.

  27. Macman says:

    I saw the play at the Lincoln center last Saturday and it is a simply marvelous story. I think John Wayne would walk out of this one in tears. There is tons of WWI action. It reminds you of the horrible price of war  (I am a veteran and a conservative…so don’t accuse me of being a sniveling liberal).  Don’t miss this jem due to a vendetta against Hollywood…it would be your loss.

  28. David Curp says:

    I just loathe the inability to understand at all why the First World War (the “so-called Great War”) mattered. It is the kind of liberal despising of that war that was responsible for so many of the horrors of WWII.

  29. Turrin_leslie says:

    I can’t watch a movies where animals suffer and get hurt. Just can’t do it. I realize it’s a movie, I know that. It doesn’t matter I won’t do it.

  30. Anonymous says:

    The first half of the Movie Black Stallion from 1979, is the best movie I ever saw.

     I would never have guessed i would have enjoyed a movie so much about a horse and a boy that loved him. The cinemaphotography was extraordinary, and most of the first half was entirely without dialog, the film was carried by the expression of the horse and boy and the scenery and drama created by the director. It was magical.

     I will definitely have to give War Horse a chance.  Has anyone ever seen a BAD Spielberg movie? if you end up not liking War Horse, go rent Black Stallion and watch the first half. The second half is not bad, sort of like a good disney film, but the first half is as good as film can get.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Bad Spielberg movie?  Yeah, anything he produced after SPR.  

  31. Ronaldlarson says:

    Going to see War Horse on the 27th. I’ll bet that it will bring water to my eyes.

  32. Anonymuzz says:

    It really sucks to be” trapped in barbed wife”

  33. Wmoran5780 says:

    i live in los angeles and i refuse to also to give these movie stars who got rich because
    of the capitalist system in the USA and now that they have become muti million and billionaires  and now decide to be liberals who do not seem to love this country but now believe in spreading the wealth as long as its not theirs, so me and others i know have stopped giving money to the movies for that reason and i don’t think im alone for movies aren’t doing so well now

    1. Anonymous says:

      what does this have to do with a movie review

  34. It looks like pro-war propaganda to me.  I’m sick of the glorification of unnecessary mass-murder.

  35. Anonymous says:

    I always wondered what happened to those horses in world war 1.   Even animals can understand FUBAR.   I believe horses are smart animals, showing an innate understanding in human interaction.

    But with Spielberg living inside Obama’s butt, and these planned Hollywood movies set in place to boost Obama’s 2012 campaign, I can’t separate this movie from Obama’s executive order to begin slaughtering horses for food.  In other words, keep a close eye on your pets because there will be home-brewed slaughter houses popping up in every neighborhood once a depression hits us.  So as you sit in the theater and wait for his Obama-lib’s movie to start, put these words in your pipe and smoke it, you sellouts. 

    Personally, I wouldn’t give a squirt a pea to these Hollywood lobbyists, whether it be by Obama2012 donation or box office. 

    $5 Spielberg slaughtered the horse in this film, and threw a party for his cast and crew.  Did any of you folks ask Steven where the meat came from, by the way? 

    1. rich says:

      You are one sick fu….

    2. Richard Laycock says:

      If your films are as smart as your comments they must truly suck.

  36. Alan says:

    My guess is you’re seventeen and have recently discovered Franz Kafka.  Another clue that you’re a punk kid is your use of insults and hyperbole to counter a factual statement.  Lastly, it must be past your bedtime because only a naive, inexperienced plebe would disagree with the comment.

  37. Bill says:

    Rex just wants to guarantee an invite to the next Spielberg premier.

    Didn’t Spielberg direct HOOK & A.I. – or was I supposed to forget about those gems?

  38. Hwetl-pr says:


  39. Ge0ffrey says:

    I think I’ll pass.  If Rex Reed likes it, I’m sure I won’t.

  40. Jake Orion says:

    I had the privilege of seeing a advanced screening of this, and I honestly enjoyed the film.  While not Spielberg’s best, it certainly doesn’t warrant extreme criticism either.

    With that said, it certainly isn’t a “Master Piece” but it is a movie that tries to show the horrors of war, (not in the extreme as Saving Private Ryan) and maintain a family oriented story; a young man and his horse, trying to live through a war.  Nothing more, nothing less.

    Take it as is, not expecting much, and I’m sure many of you will walk away with a tear or two.

  41. Asparagus_Tip says:

    How much do you think Spielberg paid Reed for this review?

  42. Jasons0660 says:

    Does he have sex with the horse?

  43. Scott Brown says:

    It is just a movie.  But your ticket price will fund Speilberg’s next donation to Nancy Pelosi.  And that’s just the facts of life.  So do what ya want.

  44. Don says:

    I won’t be seeing it on the big screen. I’ve been disappointed too many times. I can’t stand the cell phones! There are too many distractions at the theater. I’ve relented a couple of times, both times to my regret. The people on either side of me were texting about half the time. Never again, I’ll wait for the DVD or Pay-Per-View.

    1. Anonymous says:

      I’ve been doing that for ten years, Don. lol

  45. Maria says:

    Who in the world cares what Rex Reed thinks.  He’s a liberal hack pushing films made by liberal artists(?).  I, too, will save my money.

  46. Netflix , the cable co hates them as much as  blockbuster.. tfb.  I like them

  47. Anonymous says:

    Well, the real pleasure in reading this excellent review was in learning that Rex Reed, the best movie critic in the past 100 years, is still alive & well. What a beautiful piece of writing.

  48. Anonymous says:

    Does Spielberg bash the Germans a lot in this film? That’s pretty much all he ever does in every movie he directs. Rent DVD from Redbox? Maybe. Pay to see it in theater? Never.

  49. WhitePeoplelovehorses says:

    White People sure do love horses. 

    1. Guest says:

      They may, but not so much as black folks love Air Jordan Retro XI.

  50. Anonymous says:

    A movie that tells a story?

    Are such things still done?

    Shouldn’t Albie discover his latent superpowers or Joey be revealed as an extraterrestrial sent to heal humanity?

    No CGI?

    Will the storyline reveal the hidden connection between The Great War and the invasion of Iraq? Where are the evil oilmen?

    Sorry, I can’t see how this movie intends to succeed. /S

  51. Anonymous says:

    Its obvious Mr. Reed was not  around 60yrs ago—this movie is just a copy of “The Courage Of Lassie”—-now they are using a different 4 legged animal—a horse instead of a Dog—I think Mr. Reed should rent “The Courage Of Lassie” too see how similar they are—wonder Why? did the writers steal the material from 60yrs ago? just asking?

    1. kimbers says:

      Reading the review I thought of The Courage of Lassie too.  What I’d give for a good movie that didn’t turn out to be a retread.

  52. claydoh says:

    Rex Reed is still alive ??????????

    1. Anonymous says:

      This was my first thought too, congratulations on your speedy posting

  53. Anonymous says:

    SNL did a spoof but since I didn’t know it was a play nor have I seen it, I didn’t find the sketch funny at all. It was niche for audiances. Anyway, I plan on watching the movie.

  54. Startitup says:

    Joey is trapped in “barbed wife”. I was married to her…..Sheesh!  Do editors edit anymore?

  55. Lester Hunt says:

    Jeez, Rex.  “You will not believe … epic splendor … sweeping drama … heart-stopping passion.”  What a load of movie-review cliches.  On the chance that the film is half as badly written as this review, I’ll give it a miss.   

  56. Palin Smith says:

    What a great job. Watch movies and report your feelings.

  57. No says:

    I don’y waste my time watching movies about horses, because I’m not an eight year old girl

    1. Gaymedia says:

      Then you missed a lot of great movies. This one happens to be a piece of crap which is TOTALLY unsuitable for  8-year old girls. Spielberg is a tard for making this.

  58. Guest says:

    “barbed wife”

  59. Tina Ferrer says:

    No thanks Steeeeve….you think I’m going to purchase a ticket when I know part of that revenue has, is and will continue to wind up in Obama’s pockets? No thanks Steeeeve..

  60. Tina Ferrer says:

    No thanks Steeeeve….you think I’m going to purchase a ticket when I know part of that revenue has, is and will continue to wind up in Obama’s pockets? No thanks Steeeeve..

  61. Anonymous says:

    Yea I don’t know..why would I go see a movie about a horse in war again?? I wouldn’t. Why on earth would I? Can’t put it together at all. If it were a pic on WWI, then yea I’d probably see it. But about a horse? Strange…just too strange. I loved Saving Private Ryan. Loved Schindler’s List. Couple of my fav all times movies. But this is just a very strange reason for a movie. Don’t see myself wanting to see this,not at all. Seems too much like a love story between a guy and his horse…no thanks….

  62. Fiddlersgreenstudio says:

    Thanks for giving away the ending…..stupid movie review guy!!!!!!!

  63. Anonymous says:

    It might be a good movie or not. There’s no way of telling since Rex Reed says it’s good. Rex is just a whore. I’ll have to read other reviews.

  64. Up The IRA says:

    I’d rather get down on my knees and lap up still warm puke off a bathroom floor than watch another Hollyweird movie produced in the last 10 years. Dumbed down, gratuitous sex and violence, blatant product placement, gay agenda promoting and overdone dramatic background music. Oh, explosions, lots of them to the point of making you want to rip your hair out. I still watch movies but they are mostly the classics and subtitled foreign films – many of which are very good. They’ll never get another dime from me.

  65. Barack_Obozo says:

    Just reading the first paragraph it’s clear Rex is simply gushing…spaloosh.

  66. Freakin’ magnificent review.  Of course I’m going, in spite of whatever politics I disagree with.  If we want more quality from Hollywood, we need to go see the great films. Set aside political differences as a movie such as this should be a unifying force.

  67. Krussell54 says:

    I am dumbfounded by this praise. I walked away from this
    movie convinced Spielberg hated the story or is sick of the movie business, but
    got talked into it as a last minute bid for a holiday hit. His absolute disdain
    for every situation in the story is too apparent.

    The development of the horse
    for work and (horrors!) war were unbelievable much less accurate in any way. It’s obvious Reed has no clue about how communication
    happens between a horse and trainer. Certainly Spielberg doesn’t. The ‘boy’
    Albie comes from World War I trench warfare still acting and sounding like some
    imbecilic 13-year old. Spielberg’s plein air sunset vignettes were idiotically
    thrown in to apparently portray some sort of love of ‘home’ and came off
    looking like an inside joke to all socialized urbanites about the simpletons
    down on the farm.

    Worst of all was the constant, thick-headed message that real
    heroes will not fight, real heroes cower, hide and run, and real heroes defend neither
    themselves nor the ones they love.  I’m
    talking head-hurting hammering away.  

    movie’s epic only in the sense that it illustrates vividly Spielberg’s capacity
    for lazy, careless and off-handed treatment of subject matter. Do NOT waste
    your time or money on this one.

  68. Gaymedia says:

    Rex Reed is thinking Equus. Don’t believe for a second this is a good film. It’s LAME. Totally predictable. Only 65-year-old ladies will like this film. TOTALLY inappropriate for kids. Way to sad and dark.

  69. Rick says:

    Was, kind of, looking forward to this movie even though it’s from the Lefty Spielberg.  But now that Reed has given a thumbs up, I’ll wait until it’s on free TV.

  70. Reader says:

    I think you meant barbed wire, not barbed wife…

  71. Paul M says:

    “In one particularly sensational sequence, Joey is trapped in barbed wife…”

    Who will tell the stories of so many men trapped in their barbed wives and never rescued?

    1. Anonymous says:

      Many have told that story. Try starting with All Quiet on the Western Front.

      You may even try the comedy TV series Blackadder, which ended with men dying in the trenches — also written by Richard Curtis.This line of reasoning is just silly.

  72. bunnie says:

    Was this review written by a high school sophomore? Unbelievable!

  73. Ezequiel says:

    I simply have no interest in seeing this movie, no matter how well made it might be.

  74. Yeehaw, another ‘Masterpiece’ about subject matter I could care less about.  Didn’t they call that flippin Secretariet movie a masterpiece too? What IS it about chicks, Hollywood and Horses? 

    Dang tasty when barbequed.

    1. Anonymous says:

      “Dang tasty when barbequed.”

      You must be French. They Eat Horses, Don’t They?

  75. Levi says:

    “…more than four million horses perished in the so-called Great War, and Mr. Spielberg puts you right into the middle of their pain and terror “I’d rather see a movie engendering compassion for the 15 million human lives which were lost in WWI and promoting an intelligent discussion of causes and effects of the war.  Such a story line as War Horse seems to be a reflection of and an additional contribution to our moral confusion.  Human life is of IMMENSELY greater value than animal life.  To His disciples Jesus said, “You are more valuable than many sparrows.”

    1. Anonymous says:

      Many have told that story. Try starting with All Quiet on the Western Front.

      You may even try the comedy TV series Blackadder, which ended with men dying in the trenches — also written by Richard Curtis.
      This line of reasoning is just silly. You don’t want to see it, fine. 

      You don’t want to see it because it doesn’t tell the story you would have told? Weird.

      1. Anonymous says:

        “Your line of reasoning is just silly to me” — 

        Why?  Because it’s a different viewpoint from yours?  The point made is a good one.  Movie audiences react out loud when an animal is injured or killed.  Mum’s the word when it’s people.  

        People are desensitized from so much violence on both the small and big screens because of all the human bodies.  They haven’t reached the level of desensitization with animals.  However; maybe this movie will contribute to that.  

        If you don’t agree, fine.  But it’s not any more silly than your view.

    2. Anonymous says:

      The DIFFERENCE is, men choose war.  Animals do NOT.  Get the difference?  Or is that beyond your reasoning? By the way, you are in for quite a surprise when you pass on. I hope you remember your zealous words.

      1. Fluidizer says:

        The men dying on those killing fields did not choose to be there, I assure you.

  76. Sre says:

    This just goes to show you that artistic license is not necessary to retell a great story!
    Wish hollywood would see the light with the rest of the Chronicles of Narnia.

  77. Anonymous says:

    Thank you, Rex.  What a review…

    1. Fluidizer says:

      I could write the same review over a Scooby Doo movie, but it wont make the movie any better, or worse.

  78. Anonymous says:

    Just one quibble with a review that has most certainly encouraged me to see this movie.. “so-called Great War”…

    Mmm, I get the impression the author takes this to mean “Great” as in magnificent, fantastic, super-dooper, etc.That is, of course, not the meaning of the adjective in this case. It means all-encompassing, above all other. Like the Great Fire of London.

    If he feels necessary to include that because people today know no other usage of the word “Great”, that indeed is depressing.

    1. Tim says:

      For people that lived in that era (pre WWII) that is what it was called….the “Great War”.  Meaning greater in scale, ferocity, and death than all other wars. 

      1. Anonymous says:

        Isn’t that what I said?

  79. Bay says:

    Cannot top Hidalgo.

    Talk about impossibly handsome.

    Yum Yum!

  80. kennedywv says:

    I’ve been waiting for a good movie for about 10 years…I’m going.
    thanks, Rex.

  81. Par432000 says:

    What is a barbed wife?

    1. giovanni says:

      You don’t know?  Must not be married.

    2. Steven Goodwin says:

      If you and ‘The Mrs.’ have separate bedrooms, then you already have the answer to that one…

  82. David Moore says:

    Sorry, I will not go to the movies and support communism
    If I watch it it will be on TV.
    Hollywood will and should dry-up!

    1. Anonymous says:

      You are just weird.  This is a great movie and great book.

  83. mark douglas says:

    Last time I listened to Rex was when he RAVED over Pia Zadora, called her the nrw Sex Kitten,
    well we all know how on the mark he was there

  84. Dresden55 says:

    Great idea about buying another ticket and then go into war horse, hate to support the liberal agenda.

  85. suzycreamcheese says:

    cant do it  movies are too damn expensive.

  86. David-maier says:

    Oh, for pitys’ sake

  87. George says:

    waytago..turn a movie review into political garbage talk. And if a
    majority actually think that way, America is doomed.

  88. Task says:

    An economy like this this will put more horses on the auction block than all the horses that died in WW I all the wars leading up to it.

    I’m suprised if Obama does not buy a horse and campaign while in the sadddle.

  89. Speilberg is a Jew and has partnered with the Muslim Obama to destroy America.

  90. Clifford Moldenke says:

    Instead of recommending people go to the movies on Christmas day, why not think of the poor people who are required to work on a holiday they might not want to work and recommend they go the day after.  Why does no one think of this?  Why are people not boycotting businesses open on Christmas?

    1. Canis Dirus says:

      There is no such thing as forced labor in the US workplace.

      You don’t have to work….

    2. Fluidizer says:

      A lot of those “poor people” are earning triple time on Christmas.

  91. Anonymous says:

    WWI another reason whites must be swamped by immigration and told to assimilate with the peaceful migrants from the developing world now free from the racist white western world.  I hope this movie shows the horror of the racist white west which also produced the Holocaust .  Peace on Earth is attainable thru the gradual elimination of the social construct known as “White.”  It is not genocide of whites it is PEACE.

    1. Kevinm says:

      Now that you have expressed your disjointed, unintelligable views on society, any comments on the movie, dipsh1t?…Tool…

      1. Anonymous says:

        Whites are racist and their social construct must be destroyed, do you not agree?

      2. Fluidizer says:

        Rob, I think I get it. Your just trying to stir the pot aren’t you? And at Christmas no less.
        Odd way to entertain yourself me thinks, but it’s a free country.
        So far.

      3. Anonymous says:

        “The goal of abolishing the white race is on its face so desirable that some may find it hard to believe that it could incur any opposition
        other than from committed white supremacists.”
        -Noel Ignatiev

        Nine out of ten anti-Whites agree: Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

    2. Anonymous says:

      Fuck off and die you racist asshole…

    3. Canis Dirus says:

      Put down the bong… you’ve had enough.

    4. Anonymous says:

      You do realize that your same rationalization on “it’s not genocide …it’s PEACE” has been used against people of color, people of religion both white and colored, and people of gender both white and colored?  You do realize that the ends do not justify the means, right?  You do realize that what you wrote is hate wrapped in rationalization, right?  You do realize the authors of all of the previous genocides you mentioned used the same rationalization to carry out their murderous acts?  Let’s start the PEACE initiative with you…one person at a time…put your hands up and step back from the keyboard…do not type anymore hateful rationalizations against people of any color…and white is a color my friend. 

      1. Anonymous says:

        You must realize that “white” countries and only “white” countries must be subjected to mass immigration and omnipresent calls for “whites” to blend themselves out of existence.  To think otherwise is racist.  This is what Steven Spielberg must devote his talents, the complete destruction of “whiteness”, not some horse movie.

      2. Anonymous says:

        Stop are toxic…the EPA will be knocking on your door.  When you get done telling everyone else what is right and what to devote their lives too, how about you clean up the toxic dump in your head and heart. 

      3. Anonymous says:

        You probably think whites have a right to a seperate identity and seperate countries, so why don’t you go post on Stormfront.

      4. Anonymous says:

        This isn’t about what I think…this was about the hateful rationalized posting you made about a man, his movie and an entire race.  Do not attempt to assign your behavior to me.  Your ad hominem attacks on the writer, director and me generally occur when the opinions are not supported by the facts.  Good luck with that and Merry Christmas! 

    5. Fluidizer says:

      Strange how a movie can get some racists to climb out of the closet, isn’t it? Last time I looked, WWI was about white folks killing folks, something RobRoy here should enjoy.

  92. Hunter Ochoa says:

    It only got a 75 on the tomato-meter— its not that good. 

  93. Russ1169 says:

    Am anxious to see how it compares to Coppola’s “The Black Stallion.”  That movie also had an extended sequence with just the shipwrecked horse and young boy coming to terms with each other on a desolate island. For like what seems an hour there was no dialogue, just the boy, the horse and the eventual bond they formed.

    1. Ffisher4 says:

      die commie scum

      1. Alydar6 says:

        Your ability to articulate your thoughts so precisely is something to behold.

  94. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for this marvelous review.

  95. Moontan13 says:

    I’ll wait for a $1.25 RedBox rental.

  96. Jdouglas2040 says:

    thanks for all the spoilers, rex.  you should be reviewing for netflix.

  97. Anonymous says:

    I am astounded that this writer does not suggest that the level of violence displayed against horse and man in the 2nd 1/2 of this film is significant enough to reconsider the “family” viewing recommendation.  Having read the book and being an experienced horsewoman, owner and trainer, I’m not wanting to turn a blind eye to issues.  But, I’m also not interested in sending thousands of children to bed on Christmas night with nightmares of cruelty to horses dancing in their heads!  Good grief, there can be suggestion without in your face violence.  Think twice and consider the emotional intelligence of your own child before you subject them to this film.

    1. It’s all “for the children” – trauma-based mind control.

  98. Mike Connor says:

    Ya I will see a movie around X-Mas…no wonder I never see these EoY movies.

    1. Cecil Nims says:

      Just reading this review has left me so emotionally wrecked that I dare not watch the movie for fear of creating a public disturbance. Anyway, I agree wholeheartedly with General Joe Stillwell who said horses were all prance, fart, and no sense.

  99. hopeisalive says:

    I for one will look forward to seeing this movie.  As a Canadian I can laugh at the political commentary that is pointed against so called Liberals like Spielberg.  Art is art.  And Spielberg ranks high as far as his accomplishments is concerned.   The USA is in dire need of hope.  It is not a Republican or Democratic problem.  The USA was hijacked 50 years ago in a small town in Texas called Dallas by self righteous forces that demanded control outside of due process.  You need to confront and you need to heal.  There is hope.

    1. “Hope” should be lucid, rather than rambling. I haven’t the slightest idea what points you think you made. Canadians are being strangled by a Conservative Party dictatorship, where the leader of the Opposition NDP died under suspicious circumstances earlier this year, a victim of a ‘kind of cancer’ which cannot be reported in Canadian media.  The USA and Canada have been hijacked together by the same “self righteous forces” you mention. That is why all their combat veterans are sick and suicidal.  Your advice, “confront” and “heal” – You say, “I can laugh.”   There will only be “hope” when you stop laughing.

      1. Fluidizer says:

        Uh, your as confusing as your friend Hopeisalive.  Canada’s economy is screaming along very nicely these days. American’s can only wish we had similar leadership. 

    2. Fluidizer says:

      ..And your point is?

  100. Anonymous says:

    Rex Reed is a Hollywood apologist. As pertinent as yesterday’s news. It all about selling , to take your money.

  101. wolfpack says:

    Drudge has a report on the expansion of the TSA checkpoints at bus depots, and highways that is starting to sound like Nazi Germany.  They’ve also funded concentration camps around the country.  Yet they leave our borders wide open.  What is happening?

  102. Anonymous says:

    Ironic that this movie comes out after Obama signed off to slaughter horses for meat.

  103. Mck1918 says:

    Ah, yes, those rotten imperialist, capitalist British.  It makes me sick that horses, which are sensitive to noise, fire and mayhem, had to suffer and I’m glad that this is no longer the case. But the fact that Rex Reed tells us first that the thing is about  “the cruel things the British did to their horses” is the subtext of the thing and is typical for Spielberg, who never lets a good story get in the way of his leftist propaganda. Don’t hold your breath waiting for the Spielberg movie about  “the cruel things the Communist Chinese do to their pregnant women who are having unauthorized babies.” Meanwhile, I think I’ll re-read Anna Sewell’s “Black Beauty”  instead of giving the Hollywood elites a dime of my money.

  104. edwardo says:

    Good timing, since Obama is now saying Horse meat is good for us! it is on Michelle my bells menu for the masses.

  105. Fcuk Maobama says:

    If anyone working for spielberg, and I think that is a jewish name, even says the word jew, they are fired.  He get’s none of mine, or anyone I know.  Not true to his jewish roots, a liberal hell ben on destroying israel.  his crap is smarmy and sugary, and boring.  though I did like that kid hiding out in the toilet.

  106. No says:

    A spoiler alert would have been nice like almost every other review I’ve ever read on any other website. Very unprofessional. 

  107.  The genius of Spielberg is how selective he is when it comes to truth. He provides emotional truth to pling the heartstrings; but any truth he conveys agrees with the agenda of the powerful who have assured him success in his career. As a former studio insider, I can tell you that there are dozens of genius filmmakers who cannot get a movie made, and it’s not just bad luck, it’s blacklisting, which is alive and well today. I cried just watching the trailer for “War Horse.”  But I also cry watching the censored news from Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya, where human families have children, instead of horses. No, I won’t buy a ticket either.

  108. Pele says:

    Sure is a lot of whining about Obama here.  I’ll vote the black man in for another four years.  Whoo hoo Obama in 2012.

    Handle it.

    1. what does that ass have to do with a horse movie?

  109. justsayingit says:

    It’s a rip off………….long, long ago in a Disney childhood, I watched a movie with a horse belonging to an Indian that ends up being taken by the army and is the only survivor of Custer’s last stand………this is just a tweeking of that move!

  110. MSpeilbergTheGreat says:

    Sounds lame and you are gay. How about speilberg make a movie about loving christmas not a movie notating the word war, speilberg is a TOOL.

  111. MSpeilbergTheGreat says:

    Sounds lame and you are gay. How about speilberg make a movie about loving christmas not a movie notating the word war, speilberg is a TOOL.

  112. Robert Kent says:

    To the editor of this article:  I’m glad I’ve never been trapped by a barbed wife!  Other than that I want to take my non-barbed wife to see the movie…and for some below, we’re conservatives. 

  113. justsayingit says:

    Okay, want to talk politics and not about the movie…..well, FOX and their friends are pushing Romney.   Romney has not made the top for a good reason, conservative Republicans don’t like him and he dreamed up Obamacare.   If Cain (my favorite) can’t take the heat of an past affair, how will Newt with several past affairs, plus divorces and marriage to the other women fair?  Paul is just a nut when it comes to Iran.  Bachman doesn’t stand a chance (I would vote for her), because she is too good and the press would kill her like Palin.  Perry is to lax on immigration (I lived in Texas and can say that).    Last time, as a Republican,  I compromised and voted for McCain.  If Romney gets the nod……..I will stay home and expect Obama to get four more years.

    1. Fluidizer says:

      Lets hope the election doesn’t hang on your vote.  I would vote for Daffy Duck if it meant getting the current vacationer out of office.

  114. RedinDenver says:

    Good Lord!  Get a GRIP, people!  

    Just keep saying to yourself:  It’s only a movie…. It’s only a movie

    I can believe  people can get so worked up and seem so demented about a MOVIE REVIEW.   

  115. justsayingit says:

    Look up the movie TONKA (AKA COMANCHE) with Sal Mineo…………

  116. Anonymous says:

    Unfortunately, Spielberg is another of those multimillionaire limousine liberals who reap massive income by presenting American traditional values, hope, honor, integrity, persistence and self reliance while in real life they are liberals who actually fund socialist programs.

    I long ago added Spielberg to the list which includes Alec Baldwin, Barbara Streisand, Susan Sarandon, Danny Glover, Sean Penn, Matt Damon and others who boldly announce their disdain for the vast majority of hard working Americans from whom they derive their exhorbitant incomes.

    If they really believed any of what they pretend to support, they wouldn’t be taking so much money for themselves and leaving so little for the other actors and assistants in their movies, and ticket prices could be $2.00 instead of $15.00 in order to make their films available to the poor they supposedly want to help.

  117. Tammy Ernst says:

    I always read comments about a movie I am interested in, and instead of finding comments about the movie, I find political BS…… Please vent your political views on other threads and not on a movie thread.  
    I plan on seeing this movie in the next 3 days or so, and I really wanted to hear what was said by people who saw this movie…  talk about hijacking a thread.. 

    1. Sailorman From Glasgow says:

      Movie ends with man and horse reunited in love and live happily ever after. Lots of explosions and constant overbearing music. Saved you $7, or whatever movies cost these days.

      I hit ‘like’ instead of reply, my bad.

    2. No, this thread has not been hijacked by politics-pushers. Please get over the right/left paradigm, Democrats vs. Republicans, Liberals vs. Conservatives. It’s the 99% vs. the 1% which has finally been recognized worldwide as the true contest, not the counterfeit amateur wrestling matches that formerly went by the flag-waving name of ‘free elections’ in the past. Spielberg and Bill Gates and Steve Jobs – ask yourself whom these people have really served, and who put them on the top of the heap.

  118. Anonymous says:

    Yes, that is an excellent scientific sample size.     Everyone knows that the internet comments are the best place to judge things.    (yeeesh righties are slow)

  119. Tex Taylor says:

    Dear Mr. Spielberg, in the event you or one of your Hollywood lackeys happens to read thru this commentary, I do hope you will give consideration to my comment.


    I’m sure you have indeed made another fine movie, Mr. Spielberg.  You truly are one of the most creative directors of our time.  I probably will go and see War Horse to support a worthy movie, being that a rarity from Hollywood anymore.  Even many of yours have become real snoozers as of late.  I was wondering if you had lost the magic.

    But if you happen to read the content of the responses here, let me ask you a fair question as you send your massive monies, being you immune to any tax level, and lend your propaganda to your Dear Leader, Barack Obama.

    Was it not men like you who promised us that Obama was a uniter and not divider?  Does it appear from the commentary here that Obama has succeeded in uniting the country?  NO?  Perhaps you were misguided in your promises?

    Was in not Barack Obama who suggested that Israel move back to her ’67 borders, leaving her without defense, before public outrage gave your Dear Leader a change of direction?  Or bowed to a Prince that won’t allow Jews into Arabia?  Do you believe Dear Leader’s sincerity now, Mr. Spielberg?  YES?  Does it bother you in the least that the current U.S. President has once again tacitly and virtually slapped the face of your ancestral home?

    If not, then I question your sincerity Mr. Spielberg as you make films like Schindler’s List.

    What does it profit a man Mr. Spielberg to gain the whole world and lose his own soul?

  120. Anonymous says:

    Any story linked from Drudge Report will be overwhelmingly read by right wingers, because Matt Drudges website is 99% extreme right wing stories… So your “pretty good sampling” comment is ridiculous.   Its likely the least reliable sampling available on the internet.   

    1. Anonymous says:

      And any left wing rag like Huffington Post will be read by left wing wackos.  Don’t forget now, when it’s time to vote, check and see what the movie stars say first,  that way, you won’t have to think for yourself.

    2. Xoxo1234 says:

      Sound like a person with a serious case of site meter jealousy toward Drudge.

  121. Fuckoff says:

    gushing douche bag

  122. Anonymous says:

    Spielberg is just like all the other rich Hollywood liberals.  They have enough money to weather any economical calamity.  And, they don’t are about any of you, just your money!  I’m sick of them preaching not what they do, but what good little marxist socialist think the rest of us should do.  They’re exempt just like their President.

  123. Fuckoff says:

    ie. rex reed

  124. Anonymous says:

    I am sure there is some anti Christian theme in there somewhere. 

  125. Anonymous says:

    I’m really going to upset you guys now…MERRY CHRISTMAS!  There, I said it.  And to Spielberg, Happy Chanukah

  126. ThoreauHD says:

    Sorry, I’m not paying the scumbags bringing communism to the masses.  Enjoy your Christmas Hollywierd self-hating Jews and  pedobears.  May you burn in hell.

  127. Anonymous says:

    spielberg once said his greatest moment was the eight hours he spent was talking to castro. spielberg is nothing more than another commie kiss a..

  128. Craftopia Shop says:

    So war is hell for horses too. 

  129. Zep Richichi says:

    hmm… being trapped in “barbed wife” sounds rough

  130. Anonymous says:

    Seems to me people love horses more than the white children who are being genocided based upon the policy of AFRICA FOR AFRICANS, ASIA FOR ASIANS AND WHITE COUNTRIES FOR EVERYONE. 

    non-whites groups serve a purpose for those elites (THAT HAVE CREATED PAST GENOCIDAL WARS FOR WHITE PEOPLE TO BE SLAUGHTERED IN) that dominate all white
    countries today. By
    flooding white countries WITH non-whites, forced immigration, forced non-white
    racial preference laws, forced assimilation, the goal is the elimination of

  131. Fluidizer says:

    Despite Spielberg’s leftist leanings, he sometimes does get things right. Remember Saving Private Ryan, Band Of Brothers, and The Pacific? The leftist propaganda in those films is fleeting and inconsequential, and the films are a wonderful tribute to our Greatest Generation.

  132. Horses Suck says:

    Horses suck.  Now, if there’s some full-frontal female nudity in the pic, or lots of karate, I might consider seeing it.

  133. Joggosly says:

    Is there any boobage in the movie?

    1. Anonymous says:

      You’re the same person as the previous poster, but you just changed your name, and posted again.  Right?
      Just so you could write the word “boobage,” and see it appear on your screen?

  134. paparay01 says:

    I have read several reviews and watched every trailer. Myself and many other reviewers say that any child under 12-13 (especially if they love horses) should NOT see this film.

    This is going to disapoint most of my grand kids, but you have to draw the line somewhere. There is a big difference in killing bad guys and aliens and killing and maiming horses.

    Papa Ray
    P.S. I wish that hollyweird would make good family fims again, and I’m not talking about  CGI characters that talk and walk and such either.

  135. Laura says:

    Ha, I’ll have to wait until it comes out on DVD because the sobbing will bother the other moviegoers.  I’m crying just reading this review.  I can’t be caught crying in a theater now can I?

  136. Ryan Christie says:

    The whole argument that we should sympathize with Mexicans who very dangerously act as drug mules to satisfy our insatiable appetite for illegal drugs here in the US is the same argument I’ll co-opt when I too agree that I won’t be contributing to the Spielberg coffers anytime soon.  True, there wouldn’t be a need for “mules” if we weren’t so intent on shovelling cocaine up our noses here in the US…Well, likewise, I’ll put the Spielberg crak pipe down if it does some good…I figure, if there isn’t a market for S. Spielberg’s liberal attacks of people who think differently than he does, then maybe he’ll tone it down a bit–at least publicly…Sure, he’s entitled to his own opinion, but I don’t have to pay my hard earned net earnings watching his movies.  By reducing demand, we send Hollywood a strong signal, that you’re welcome to your own views, we just don’t want to hear them–especially when those views accuse us of being racist, xenophobic, red neck hillbillies if we don’t support B. Obama and the ultra liberal agenda.  I

  137. Hugh says:

    I was reading these wacko right wing comments and wondering who these warheads were until I remembered this article was linked from Drudge. You conservacrits just can’t give up the hate even for a great movie?

    1. As a White Euro man, the only HATE I’m seeing is coming from anti-Whites.

      Anti-Whites say there should be no White Countries ✓

      Anti-Whites say there should be no White Towns ✓

      Anti-Whites say there should be no White Neighbourhoods ✓

      Anti-Whites say there should be no White Schools✓

      Anti-Whites say there should be no White Classes ✓

      Anti-Whites say there should be no White Sports ✓

      Anti-Whites say there should be no White Anything ✓

      Anti-Whites say there should be no Whites

      Anti racism is a code word for anti White.

    2. Joe Lanning says:

      I’m as Conservative as one can be, and there is not a two-legged soul, alive that loves, no adores horses(1),  dogs(2), cats(1),  guinea pigs(2), and  “Carter” our daughters  adorable little mouse.  For we have them all, and they are ALL considered “family”.  Two of the worst days of my life have been the loss of two of our dogs.  I’m not sure, if I’m over the losses yet, and in one instance it’s been more the 8 years.  I have a company which puts me in contact, each month, with  20 to 30 new customers. The business necessitates us going into their homes. We’ve been in business for more than 20 years, and though anecdotal, i can say without hesitation, that Conservative people seem to have far more affection for their animals, than do people on the left. I normally spend 2 to 3 hours in their homes, and i get to know them quite well.  And since we manufacture and install the product after that initial meeting, it puts us into more direct contact, which gives my supposition even more weight. It’s always the same with you people, you think you have a monopoly on kindness or caring, yet it’s a proven fact that Conservatives give FAR more to charities than do those on the left. You people respond and react in ways which further your “agenda”, and it’s always about gaining or maintaining political advantage. And the furthering of that agenda trumps, all.

      1. Belief in principles cannot be defined as ‘hate’.  There will be no room for dialogue or debate ever again, as long as the ‘hate’ card and the ‘race’ card trump the free expression of opinions we all have rights to express — at least, when we still had a Bill of Rights, before NDAA recently put it on ice (thank you Congress, thank you Obama).  But now we have a new card… the ‘animal lover’ card.  I must reply to Joe Lanning here, since it’s about time he found out about Mitt Romey’s summer vacation. That was the one where he drove his family van for several hundred miles with his Irish Setter confined to a carrier strapped to the roof of the car. When the poor animal defecated (the kids said ‘Oh yuck,’ as the brown stuff trickled down the back window), Conservative GOP frontrunner Romney pulled into a gas station, hosed down the dog, and the car, and then proceeded on his carefree way. NY Times columnist Gail Collins has mentioned the incident in print 19 times so far, starting in 2007.  It is finally getting the legs it deserves.

  138. Ineedleyou says:

    Sounds like a bunch of horse shit to me, red reed is a gayer version of tony curtis (is that possible? ). They should have cast Daniel Radcliffe for the role owing to his unusual affection fort equines.

  139. Anonymous says:

    Uh… did you just give away the ending…?

  140. ltyr2001 says:

    I saw the movie in a special preview. It is NOT as good as Rex Reed’s cloying review suggests!
    There are so many ludicrous plot holes and gaps that you just sit there wondering what Spielberg was thinking! 
    I love horses, war movies and historical movies, but War Horse is seriously flawed. While it is well filmed and well acted, I will say the STORY LINE is just a mess!

    Rex Reeds fascination with the lead actor should be tempered by some reflection on the improbable plot!

  141. I’m crying reading the review. heaven help me when I do see this film.

  142. c s says:

    I agree with nearly all the one’s that say ‘no more’ to supporting the reprobates in Hollywood.  I gave it some thought and propose a reason FOR seeing this movie in the theater.  Since the bulk of argument rests on economically boycotting the films that are filth, Hollywood is a business like any other business keenly sensitive to consumer market.  If they see that it makes economic sense to make movies that have integrity and decency (which this movie does) because of the huge attendance (and hunger) for this type of movie then perhaps (perhaps) they will make more of this type.  Speilberg has gotten a clue – I say let’s help him along in effecting the culture for the good from this point on.  And continue to boycott the trash that is truly trash.

    1. Wrong, cs. Example:  “The Passion of the Christ” – Again, as a Hollywood insider, I can tell you that after the showbiz industry was stunned by the success of that film, it didn’t matter a hill of beans. Anyone who wanted to get any kind of a Christian movie project off the ground afterwards was left to hang out to dry.  The big corporations who run the film industry regularly lose money on trash. They keep making trash.  It is a propaganda business now.  The rare exceptional film of value never starts a trend. In fact, the distributors do their best to starve it of advertising dollars and reduce the number of playdates as soon as possible, so it quickly dies.  With “The Passion of the Christ,” the producers were wise to the game and put together their own winning strategy.

      1. c s says:

        So much for wishful thinking on Christmas Eve.  If what you say is true then we are indeed, for lack of a better term – screwed.  Agreed that the media industry en masse is an insidious propaganda machine (with academia, government, and naked corporatism) which presents an interesting dilemma on how to defeat it.  Open to ideas…  Merry Christmas

  143. Anonymous says:

    So we get some horse-loving instead of the usual “treat” of white female black male race-mixing encouragement from the anti-white film industry.

    No one`s pushing for all breeds of horses to be force-integrated and force-blended.

    Thats just for white people in white countries.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

    1. Jane Dough says:

       Well said. “Girl power” has gotten out of control. Gee, it’s almost as if the ‘white male establishment’ is being marginalized to the degree that soon the forces of evil will have their way with no one to resist them.  Enter Eric Holder, his Black Panthers (immune from prosecution) and Obama’s White Slaves (OWS)…

  144. NoOne says:

    Sounds like a nice movie to download… THANKS!

  145. MeetingWave says:

    The previews look great.  Saw MI4 last night (can’t believe Cruise did those tower stunts) and War Horse and Sherlock on the short list for next up.

  146. Tavadesigns says:

    I agree that everyone has freedoms, and mine is not to go and support a philosophy I do not agree with. and yes, it is his right to use what ever means he needs to push his philosophy.

  147. Jane Dough says:

    Sounds like a great movie, unlike 90% of the cr*p coming out of Hollywood. I still take exception to any movie with the word “war” or “evil” in it being released ON CHRISTMAS DAY.

    1. Freiheit71 says:

      That was a fascinating comment.

  148. Anonymous says:

    Did the “evil Brits” attempt to eliminate on a global scale the genome of the horse in question?

    Are white people of less value than horses?

    Africa for the Africans,Asia for the Asians,white countries for EVERYBODY!

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

  149. Anonymous says:

    I could hardly read the review through the authors ridiculous slobbering

  150. Tina says:

    I am going and on CHRISTMAS DAY too!  Ooooooo……

  151. Moronpolitics says:

    Oh lordie.   Talk about the hard sell.    I went to see one of the 3 or 2 movies I can afford each year and they force fed me a 20 minute mini-movie version of this Hor….. se  if you know what I mean.     Reminds me of the last WW One movie they announced was the greatest thing since butter patties and cheese on chili.     It WEREN’T.   OK?    The commercial seemed at LEAST 6 hours long.   I thought I was being french-kissed by Newt Gingrich.    BLLLLEEEECH and a half.     I don’t have long to live.    Talk about a silver lining on every cloud.    This movie …. I just don’t think I’m going to have time for it.    YEA !!!!!!!  

    1. Freiheit71 says:

      Moronpolitics, you sound a lot like my Nana towards the end of her life.  She was placed in the Alzheimers unit of the nursing facility because she suffered from dementia.  She was very difficult to follow and made little sense.

  152. Carl Mayo says:

    “trapped in barbed wife?”
    freudian slip?

  153. steve mcneil says:

    if i pay money to see this movie then spielberg will take that money and donate it to some socialist politicians intent on destroying capitalism, no thank you.  i will skip this one, i hope its a huge box office bust.

    1. Freiheit71 says:

      your loss, Steve

  154. Senator_Kang says:

    I couldn’t help but notice, I think the horse was probably trapped by “barbed wire,” and not by “barbed wife,” as this review currently reads.

  155. F.A.R.T.S. says:


  156. HEKDW says:

    dat movie has a horse in it!!!

  157. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like I need to wait til it’s out on DVD and be at home on the couch with a box of tissues to see this movie.

  158. Tommy says:

    I am not a LIB, but will see the movie tomorrow to not think about the Obamanation going on.

  159. David says:

    Saw the film in a pre-screening two weeks ago.  Impressive the recreation of the hard battle landscape of the Somme juxtaposed to a backwoods fruit farm under the windmills.

  160. Matt Williams says:

    How much did Spitberg pay Reed to write this utter grovel piece? Spitburg is a master, yes, of propaganda, lies and ruining the minds of our youth. 

    I can’t believe how many commenters here might just agree with me this time. I have been saying this for a decade. All I got back were very angry believers snapping back at me for insulting Der Fuhrer. 

    The people are awakening to this extraordinary evil upon us.

  161. Anonymous says:

    Rex Reed is still around?

  162. Anonymous says:

    The book — this is not based on a play, strictly speaking — is not about h”the cruel things the British did to
    their horses in World War I.” Jeez. It’s about the inhumanity of war itself, and the glimpses of humanity on ALL sides. How strange that someone would come away from the film thinking it was an anti-British piece rather than a piece against the horror or the Great War itself whether you were British, French or German.

    1. Freiheit71 says:

      Johnhay, having read the book (I’ve not seen the stage production), I agree with you.  The story is about how poorly the British treated their cavalry in WWI ?  How bizarre that this movie reviewer came away with that message.  The story is about humanity and the horrors of war.

  163. Elise says:

    Dear Right Wing Idiots,

    ok fine don’t see it, no skin off my back and the air in the theatere will be cleaner for not being polluted by racist Tea Party haters.

    Sounds like a great flick!

  164. Jeffrey says:

    Wow, I’m sure Spielberg is squirming right now, since doc1 and sbenard won’t be buying a ticket to his movie. His empire is crumbling. Better start buying from Costco, Steve!

  165. Denver Native says:

    Mr. Reed,
    Why did you feel it necessary to tell us the entire story, and reveal the ending?   Many of us are so looking forward to this movie and have not read the book.  Shame on you!

  166. Anonymous says:

    Let’s see… A talented man makes a well recieved movie, hiring and employing a large number of people.
    After reading your responses all I can say is  “What an incredible bunch of morons you people are”.  You’re like a bunch of neurotic lemmings. No ideas of your own, no creativity, no empathy. You simply smell the butt of the lemming in front of you and follow them right over the cliff, with no idea where you are going or how you got there. So keep scurrying and smelling and telling each other how smart your are. Silly, ignorant, vitriolic lemmings. 

  167. Rosemary says:

    How much are you guys getting paid to write this kind of crap?  Don’t you feel a bit cheap?   We know conservative groups hire people like you.
    Are you going to not deal with more than half the population of the United States?  Hole up in a cave somewhere?  
    The best things of this country have come from progressive ideals — promoting the common good as provided for in the Constitution.  

  168. Randall Mckay says:

    This is well written review.

  169. Philboy says:

    Thank you for the excellent review. I just saw it, and was moved to tears many times. It’s a majestically beautiful film. Whoever doesn’t want to see it for whatever stupid politico reason doesn’t deserve to see such a phenomenal movie and should just stay home anyway. They will make millions without your negativity.

  170. Connie Zack says:

    Wow, because you think the wealthy should not pay their fair share of taxes to give all workers a chance at a comfortable life, you are not going to the movies!!  So you “principled” ones will hurt the economy just a little more in the process of “getting back” at people who have different ideas about what is right! Can you all spell m-o-r-o-n-s?

  171. Wow. That’s quite a lot coming from Rex Reed.

  172. Signecj says:

    Here I am crying just reading the review!  Thank you Mr. Reed. –  Then I page down to read all of this self-agrandizing babble about politics!  This is fear showing itself and this fear can have terrible consequences such as the background of this movie!  Stop arguing and open your hearts!  It is love that heals, not whether you are right and someone else is wrong.  That’s how we got into this mess for the last several thousnds of years. GROW UP!  Start working together!  Let’s start working on conflict management!

  173. Eric says:

    Most of the comments on this film are off-topic political screeds.  I don’t understand why the Observer does not exercise any editorial oversight to preserve the focus and integrity of the tread.

  174. Carl says:

    But it was pure schlock, a big disappointment in its lack of character development, its predictable emotional tricks, and so many cliche film tricks that I figured the Director was moving into dementia — for example the “Gone With the Wind” sunset bit at the end. What a waste of time!  I was hoping for more, and have really lost respect for Spielberg.

  175. Denise Rae says:

    Really? Boy I thought ALL in the industry were liberals, silly me.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Sweeping generalizations hardly qualify as thinking

  176. Unilady15 says:

    I saw this movie and it is extraordinary.  I know that most of the stuff we watch on tv or the movies have turn really to trash, but this movie is in a different category. Here we see loyalty, courage, self sacrifice, humility and bravery in all its glory and those are things we need in our society right know. My 16 year old and my 15 year old, both boys, watch this movie whit  me and they were move and touch.  They enjoy the happy moments and suffer the sad parts and where very happy with the ending that shows that when you really care about something and give your best effort you will be you will be rewarded.   I will take my boys to see movies like this one all the time.

  177. Ashley says:

    The wife was practical, not ‘pragmatic.’  Pragmatism regards the truth as ‘whatever your contemporaries let you get away with.’  It also denies objectivity and makes the absurd claim that our minds create reality.  To be sure, we create our own psychological take on reality, but reality itself is there to be apprehended through examination of the evidence of our senses.  Pragmatism is cutting corners and doing what is expedient.  The wife had good reasons for criticizing the purchase of a thoroughbred – practical ones to which she gave voice.  Pramatism is wishful thinking and pragmatism is poison, as evidenced by the actions of our pragmatic politicians, bankers, Bernie Madoff, and real estate brokers everywhere.  Jeez.

  178. Will says:

    I sit here and read these comments and wow! Surely people have the ability to make their own decisions and own choices dependent on their tastes and not political views? You boycott a director/actor/whatever because they are a liberal, really just because someone has a different view from you. Can’t you appreciate the arts for what they are? Next you will be boycotting the same because of their religious views? Sitting on the sidelines here, this looks like the beginning of the Nazi’s all over again. (And no I am not Jewish)
    Whatever happened to free speech and free decision? I can understand if you don’t like the actor/director/whatever because they are not very good, that I could understand but really!! WAKE UP WORLD!

  179. Jyork says:

    The movie Was  great, I was touched .  My sister bought me a plain horse in 1941.  He had never been broke to ride and had bever eveb had a rope on him, runing  loose in a pasture.  I played with him,  once he got use to me by my feeding him .  His love for me grew until I decided to get on him with only a rope.  He showed no abjection.  mHe would come to me as far as he could see me and was a pleasure to ride and my friend.  Others attempted to ride him with no successl  I was the only one that could ride him with no problem. The movie reminded me of that close love between us which after all these years has never  really left my memory.  I am 83 yeas old and simply went to see the movie on Christmas day because of what I have heard, no politics, no prejedus envolved, just great entertainment.

    J.  York

  180. n james says:

    One of the worst movies I have seen in my life!

  181. Genie says:

    Amazing movie – great cinematography, story and acting.  Congrats to you Steven Spielberg!

  182. Please, carry on the superb work and continue to post topics like this.

  183. Matthew says:

    a pretty decent movie, although it wasn’t well established why Albie had such a passion for the horse in the first place or why his father was so pig headed about buying him or why the Dutch girls grandfather was so passionate about buying Joey.  It sort of left me with the “Ok, I’ll buy it for the sake of the story, but that’s fairly weak”.  But otherwise it was a good story and devoid of the usual boy/girl romance that usually wrecks a good movie.      

  184. Mike says:

    Wow, even comments on a movie review are invaded by right wing cult members!?

  185. louise kahle says:

    i am glad the story is told to portray how many majestic animals were lost
    horses are very abused in our society today too
    i could not watch it .. my heart would break

  186. Film Fanatic says:

    This review captured every emotion, thought and feelings I experienced while watching War Horse. Brilliant film!!! 

  187. Mary says:

    40 rats were killed and stuffed for this movie. That fact alone should make people stand up and boycott this movie if they don’t want to see more animals killed to be on movie sets. Someone could have easily made realistic looking rats for this movie, they did not have to kill innocent animals for the making of this movie. 

  188. Destiny says:

    Please don’t let moral/political compasses or possibly an inflamed sense of pride prevent you from seeing this beautiful film. I know you may not care if it is the best movie since the dawn of time, but please, as a request from a 17 year old who still believes in the magic of books, plays, and films, go see this movie.

  189. Bbethany7 says:

    A box of popcorn? Rex, you must mean oats.

  190. KAREN says:


  191. Madmac says:

    i thought this was a movie thread..

  192. vkd62025 says:

    Sadly Rex seems to have nodded off a lot throughout this movie that he gave a “100” rating.  Mind you, I agree with the rating, I just would rather he had not mis-stated so many plot points.  I was utterly riveted by the movie, and it is almost like I saw a completely different one.

  193. Moshe176 says:

    A Dutch girl? Not French? Blinded by mortar? Not by gas? Heart-stopping passion? I like the movie, mainly for the cinematography, but was not moved at all by the rescue the horse scene, and I don’t need to see a doctor. But you need to proof or fact check your reviews more carefully.

  194. Adtroll says:

    So basically this is a story about a horse who brings bad luck to all the people he encounter. 

  195. Alldredlugton says:

    This  movie reminds us all of the insanity of war and the cruelty and unintellligence of some human beings.  On the other hand it also reminds us of what brings us together ,moments of instinctive compassion where human beings assume an equality that rises above difference.  Joey the horse, exemplifies  this in his race against time  and unspeakable odds, to survive. I left the theatre feeling hopeful that good if  given the chance, can in fact, rise against evil

  196. Jenn says:

    What’s funny is the people that think that by not paying to see a movie that they are taking money away from the already rich ppl like Spielberg when in fact, the only ones not making money or losing money are the little guys that work 16 hours days 7 days a week making shit pay. You actually think that Spielberg is the one that suffers?? Or any other millionare movie maker??? LMAO All you are doing is hurting the working middle class even more

  197. gayhorse says:

    spielberg always stops short of making a masterpiece. he can’t make a real gay movie so he makes an awkwardly closeted gay movie. good job, dummy.