To Do Monday: Brooklyn Keeps on Making It

It’s almost here! While you have to wait another week for Christmas,
Hanukkah is just around the corner. The Festival of Lights starts tomorrow
night, in fact, and today you’re feeling the Hebrew holiday spirit. And
while presents are great, everyone knows the best part of Hanukkah is something much more profound. If you’re thinking about time with family, you’re dead wrong. After your epic battle with Uncle Ira at Thanksgiving about the influence of Greco-Roman hero narratives on the Maccabean revolt, you’re feeling like you’ve had more than enough family time. No, the best part of Hanukkah is surely the latkes. Delicious potato pancakes fried to perfection with a dab of apple sauce, it’s the perfect snack for goys and Jews alike! Today you’re going to sample the Semitic dish at the annual Latke Festival. Chefs from around the city will be preparing their own
versions of the traditional holiday nosh. In keeping with the spirit, there
is a competitive angle, with all the culinarians flexing their Hanukkah
chutzpa, competing for the title of Latke Festival Master! Judges include
Brooklyn cheerleader-in-chief Marty Markowitz, food-criticism doyenne Mimi Sheraton and New York Times food-cutie Melissa Clark.
Latke Festival, Brooklyn Academy of Music, 6:30 p.m. Tickets, $30, are
available at