To Do Saturday: Claus Celebre

While our upper lip generally begins to curl, as our eyes compulsively roll, when our friends overindulge at cocktail parties, we also bear in mind that embarking on the occasional bender is not beyond our inclinations (Hello, that lost weekend in Gstaad!). That said, while we were the life of the AEPi party in our heyday, 40s and flaming Dr. Peppers don’t exactly square with our present self, and after those photos from the office holiday party a few years back we’re vowing to pace ourself in the presence of peers and colleagues. The company of strangers, however, is a different story: today is the annual SantaCon pub crawl. As Santa costumes (of either the classic or the concupiscent variety) are required gear for the festivities, we’ll be utterly unrecognizable, making our way through the city on this holly, jolly, drink-heavy masquerade. We’re planning on throwing back shots of peppermint schnapps with blissful disregard, our sterling stature saved from disrepute by the guise of St. Nick. By nightfall (which is, when, 4 o’clock these days?), bleary-eyed, we’ll have achieved our bingeing desires in perfect anonymity.

SantaCon, 10 a.m. Visit on Dec. 9 for starting location. This event is free and open to the public. No registration required.