To Do Saturday: Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow

Christmas Eve has come again. Yes, 2,011 years ago tonight, Mary birthed her darling boy in a lowly Bethlehem manger, ass and ox looking on (my, how Jesus’ star has risen in the intervening years). And tomorrow you’ll gift yourself a (well-deserved!) Cartier bracelet in his honor! Before you open your embossed red box with faux surprise, you have to pay your religious respects. As the clock strikes 12 on this chilly December eve, you’ll head to St. Patrick’s Cathedral for midnight mass. You’ll hymn Hosanna, extol Emmanuel and sing to the star of wonder, getting your yearly liturgical dram. You can’t help but smile at the pageantry as the infant Jesus is paraded through the pews right before the alms basket makes the rounds. Dropping in a Benjamin, you nod to the Crucifix above. Thank you Jesus, thank you Cartier.

Christmas Midnight Mass, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Fifth Avenue at 51st Street. Open to the public.