To Do Wednesday: Book of David

Full-blown holiday madness is upon us, and this week we’re running the party gamut or trying to, anyway, as running has proved difficult in our Charlotte Olympia sling-back platforms. Tonight we’ll be tottering to the fabled New Yorker Christmas party at superhip nightery 1920 Bunker Club. My, my, Harold Ross’s weekly has become so desperately cool (and downtown) these days. We’ll follow the Eustace Tilley gang as they middle their brows toward the meatpacking district. In the Bunker’s subterranean depths we’ll wax witty (and drinky), trying to catch one of the effervescent bon mots we imagine will be flowing like Champagne. What’ s that you say? We’re more likely to hear an earnest discussion of the Arab Spring? Well, we’ll just pull out our monocle and surely all will become clear. (Ugh, monocle jokes are sooo 1920. Oh, wait, now we get it!)]
New Yorker holiday party, 1920 Bunker Club. By invitation only.