To Do Wednesday: Books Do Furnish an Excuse

After this week’s outings, we’re fully reconnected with our literary roots, and our drinky inclinations. (We wrote an unpublished novel, you know.)  While it’s been over a year since we last held a hardback (tablet time!), we’re yearning to leaf through printed pages once more. We’re planning to dig through the old library and fish out an old favorite, because tonight an old tome will serve as the partial entry fee for the Gin Mingle, Housing Work’s annual lush-up, which marks the beginning of holiday party season for the publishing crowd. (Pity, we just can’t send an e-book.) This year, the evening is hosted by Lev Grossman, Colson Whitehead, Gabrielle Hamilton and Touré. Meet us there, and we’ll bore you with our opinion of The Art of Fielding (What? You haven’t read it? Out of our sight!) And if exploring the agony and ecstasy of écriture doesn’t have us perfectly giddy, the libations surely will, before the evening is through. (Burp! New Year’s Eve, here we come!) Enough with the books, already.
Gin Mingle, The Housing Works Bookstore Café, 126 Crosby Street, 7:00 p.m. Admission at the door, $20 plus a gently used book to donate. RSVP at