Touré: Author and Marriage Counselor

ritatoure 110206 Touré: Author and Marriage Counselor

The happy couple.

Touré, the author Who’s Afraid of Post-Blackness?, has been busy! Not only did he co-host Housingworks’ Gin Mingle fundraiser this week, the annual gin-soaked bookstore party, but he also wrote a marriage column for Time magazine. It’s called “How to Get and Stay Married” (even though there’s not actually any advice about how to get married.)

“If a relationship is a nation, then it’s patriotic to do selfless things that will help the relationship,” he offers. And: “It’s easy to fantasize that the sexy acquaintance with whom you have a buzzy rapport with would make a hot, fun, trouble-free girlfriend, but she’s just someone whose problems you don’t know yet.”

It’s not the first time Touré has offered a periodic update on his marriage to Rita Nakouzi, who works as a consultant on trends. In 2005, their Miami beach wedding was documented in the Style section of The New York Times. And in 2009, the couple starred in a “State of the Union” column.

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