Wantrepreneurs Gift Guide 2011: What to Get Your Special Wannabe

  • The blanket definition of a wantrepreneur is simple: someone who wants to start a company but hasn’t yet. They may have an MBA; they may be freshly escaped from the JP Morgan hamster wheel, or they may have recently inherited a large sum of money immediately before watching The Social Network. Whichever it is, wantrepreneurs are strivey, enthusiastic and most of all, ubiquitous. These creatures have become a staple of the New York tech scene, so odds are you’ve got at least one of them on your gift list. And if not, remember that even though that wantrepreneur may be a douche bag, they do RSVP to every one of your meetups. Soooo maybe you should get them something, we dunno, just to be nice. Who knows, maybe one day they will launch that augmented reality app, subscription service or daily deal site, and you can say you helped them a little bit on the way with these wantrepreneur-friendly accessories.