Watch Mariko Mori's Exhibition at the Adobe Museum of Digital Media

Mariko Mori. Photo by David Sims.

Head over to the digital exhibition space the Adobe Museum today to see Mariko Mori’s show Journey to Seven Light Bay. The online exhibition is a supplement to Ms. Mori’s ambitious project off the coast of Okinawa, Primal Rhythm.

Ms. Mori, if you’ll recall, has pretty much bowed out of the commercial art world. For Primal Rhythm, she’s constructed a giant sun dial (and is building a large moonstone) in a small bay in Japan. The installation responds to its environment. The show at Adobe Museum illuminates the artist’s creative process and her thinking behind Primal Rhythm, which was funded by her own nonprofit organization, the Faou Foundation.

Tom Eccles, who curated Journey to Seven Light Bay, calls Ms. Mori the “pioneer of art in the digital age.”