2012 Whitney Biennial List Heavy on Male Artists

The Whitney.

There’s always some discussion around the time the list of artists in the Whitney Biennial is released about how the number of female participants stacks up against the men. In 2010, Jerry Saltz wrote a piece for New York‘s Vulture blog about how an “art-world wall” had fallen: the list, for the first time, was made up of a majority of women (it was a slim victory of 52 percent, and Gary Carrion-Murayari, the associate curator of the 2010 installment, said, “It wasn’t conscious at all”).

Looking at the list that was leaked to Gallerist this morning, only 20 of the 53 names on it belong to women. That’s about 38 percent. Among them are such diverse talents as painter Nicole Eisenman, choreographer Sarah Michelson and the young filmmaker Lucy Raven. But in 2012, it looks like the Biennial is back to its old ways.