22-Year-Old Goes Missing in NYC; His Big Brother Appeals to Reddit for Help

ian burnet 22 Year Old Goes Missing in NYC; His Big Brother Appeals to Reddit for Help

The missing Redditor, Ian Burnet.

“My name is Jamie, and I’m from Virginia,” starts the plea for help. “My little brother, Ian, (speaks_for_trees) left on Boxing Day, right after Christmas, to spend New Years in Times Square with some people he didn’t know very well. They spoke another language from him and apparently he felt alienated, and on the 30th he simply… walked away. And no one knows where he is.

Ian Burnet, the missing Redditor, is an engineer and had a history of depression, his brother said. Mr. Burnet left his phone, his wallet, his laptop, his pot, his iPod, and all his money behind when he disappeared, but did not leave his ID, a jacket, or the $20 Metro card that shows up as his last credit card transaction. The police have no clues.

Redditors piled on the sympathy, advising the distressed Jamie Burnet to look for his brother at hospitals, mental institutions, and Occupy Wall Street’s camp at Zuccotti Park and 60 Wall Street.

The search is mobilizing: there’s a Facebook page for the search and a news article. “Have you seen this man riding the metro? Have you seen him anywhere in New York City? For all we know he got out of town somehow… he could be broke and hitchhiking back down the East Coast to Virginia. I don’t know,” Jamie Burnet writes.