Advertising as Faded Art: Frank Jump Explores New York’s Commercialized Yesteryear

Frank Jump's faded images

Old New York is still all around us, if you know where to look. At least, that’s the idea that Frank Jump is selling.

As a 26-years-old in 1986, Mr. Jump was told he had AIDS. At the time, it was a death sentence. But he’s still alive and well today, taking digital photos for his new book, Fading Ads of New York City. His obsession with the “lost” art of New York’s earliest commercialization—whether it be for flu medicine from the early 1900s or a Carriage Manufactory from 1879—might harken back to some of his own feelings on mortality.

“So many of them outlasted the products they advertised,” Mr. Jump told The New York Daily News today. “They are a metaphor for survival.”