After Public Drubbing on SOPA and PIPA, Schumer, Gillibrand Hit ‘Command Z’

So Long SOPA; PIPA Peters Out; Democracy Wins, Say Techsters

One Friday earlier this month, Andrew Rasiej, the chairman of NY Tech Meetup and an old-school Internet evangelist, sent out an email to the 20,000 members of the group asking them to do something most had never even considered before: close their laptops, leave their coworking spaces, put their iPads down (but not—god no!—their smart phones, essential to live tweeting) and pick up a picket sign.

“The future of the NY tech community is in jeopardy,” the email read. “We are writing to call you to an Emergency NY Tech Meetup in New York on January 18 so that we can publicly demonstrate our collective dismay at the unprecedented attack currently being made on the Internet and our industry.” Read More


  1. You don’t represent me. I voted for these congress people. They support SOPA. I support SOPA. Your “direct democracy” cannot go on trumping real representative democracy for long. You muscled this one with your e-thugs in Anonymous, your Redditt lumpen and the giant Google lobby money scarifying every teenager on Tumblr. But you can’t last with this because you had to lie so much about the nature of this legislation to serve Google’s interests.

    1. anti-censorship says:

      Why do you support censorship? You are evil. People like you would be happily employed by the KGB in another era