After Three Years at Sea, the TEAM Drifts Home

Death throes of American capitalism come to Off Broadway; the apocalypse is set in Las Vegas

“I live and breathe the TEAM,” said Ms. Chavkin. “At the darkest moments in this process, I would listen to Heather’s music and think about the characters and elements of American history that we were toying with, and I had this feeling that there is something special and new that we are making with this work.”

Once the play’s New York run ends on Feb. 4, the TEAM plans to take it to London, for a high-profile engagement in 2013. In the meantime, Ms. Chavkin has four new projects on the burner. Although he plans to take time off to pursue better-paid work, Mr. Hastert will never quit the company.

“The fact that the process took two years longer than I expected it to was wrenching at times,” he said. “We sacrificed and said no to things because of a schedule that ended up crumbling. But the whole time it felt like, ‘This is important, I just need to be here for this.’ I feel now that we’ve arrived here that we’ve made the right choice.”