And Now for Something Completely Different! Color Debuts YouTube Spot for New Video-Based Color


The new Color is here! (To recall: the guys who were funded $40 million pre-product, botched their hyper-hyped launch with a janky app and weird UI, then immediately cried “pivot!”) Color announced back in December that it would be rolling out a Facebook-centric app for video status updates, a far cry from the first iteration, “photos of people around me in real-time.” Color just released a video for the new product, a repulsive Arcade Fire-meets-American Apparel-meets MTV’s Skins God-awful Facebook sellout thing and we hate it, oh we hate it, as did 99 percent of the people who rated it on YouTube. So tone-deaf, so icky. O, Color! You used to be (sort of) cool. [via AdAge]