Assembly Holds Hearing on Possible Closure of Indian Point Nuclear Plant

At the Assembly hearing on the potential closure of the Indian Point nuclear power plant this morning, lawmakers heard from energy policymakers, the company that owns the plant and some uninvited protesters.

Indian Point, which is located less than forty miles of the five boroughs, provides approximately thirty percent of the power for New York City and Westchester County. Those who want Indian Point shut down say the plant, which began operations in the early 1960′s, is outdated and dangerous. Indian Point’s supporters argue the plant is a vital part of the energy grid. Read More


  1. So Hunter, you just type up the lies Entergy tells you? Indian Point only produces
    4% of the electricity for New York City, 12% during extremely hot days. In fact
    there is a law that mandates 80% of electricity consumed by the city has to be
    produced within city limits! To write that the area’s electricity demand will
    grow to 2,000 megawatts within 5 years is another lie since electrical
    consumption is going down, dramatically, as a result of conservation, new
    technology, and increased energy efficiency. The state of California expects to
    be back to its 1970 electrical consumption within 5 years. LED retrofits alone
    could account for a 10% reduction in the entire state. Get your facts straight
    before perpetuating nuclear industry propaganda that might doom the entire
    Hudson Valley. We keep ducking bullets. These last three days, Indian Point has
    been venting radioactive steam! Let’s quit while we’re ahead, before fear
    mongers like us have to cry we told you so. The fashion industry wants Indian
    Point shut down, so since in New York, fashion trumps politics, why don’t you
    tell your readers it’s already a fait accompli?

  2. Blair Goodman says:

    “You can’t go against mother nature” is supposed to reassure me?