Augmented Reality Is Still Super Lame

occupy ar Augmented Reality Is Still Super Lame

Whose reality is augmented by this? (

Betabeat was in the Financial District last night for a small event at another Brookfield property, the World Financial Center, and we walked by Zuccotti Park, the old stomping grounds of Occupy Wall Street. It was desolately empty, but for a few security guards in yellow vests. But a faculty member and researcher at Polytechnic Institute of New York University has created an augmented reality app for the people who missed the protest the first time, writes the Huffington Post, by layering pictures of the protest over the scenery.

Take the app down to Wall Street, and experience Augmented Reality Occupy Wall Street, basically the equivalent of holding a history book at arm’s length and looking at a picture of the street filled with protesters. Okay?