Building a Business Around Bureaucratic Frustration in New York

Adam Humphries was a New Yorker looking to travel to China. He went to the consulate to get a visa, but something was wrong with his paperwork. There was no internet and no printer available so he went local Burger King, where he found every available computer was open to the same series of form from the Chinese consulate.

So, according to this marvelous little tale from NPR, he rented a van, parked it in front of the consulate, and set up shop as a mobile internet cafe, printing station and red tape consultant. They got a sign, Lucky Dragon Mobile Visa Consultants.

The company has begun accepting credit cards and gotten some translators on staff. They are pulling in around $500 a day per person. They are hoping to find a retail space, or get a bigger vehicle. Someone should get these guys in touch with an angel investor.