BuzzFeed Strikes Again! Poaches From Gizmodo for New Tech Site

matt buchanan BuzzFeed Strikes Again! Poaches From Gizmodo for New Tech Site

Mr. Buchanan.

BuzzFeed announced its next fully staffed beta will be (as we suspected) tech coverage. The startup has poached again to fill out the new masthead, nabbing Matt Buchanan from Gizmodo and John Herrman from Popular Mechanics. The two bloggers are BuzzFeed’s lastest in a string of hires from other publications that included Rosie Gray of the Village Voice and Doree Shafrir of

Mr. Smith “had admired the work Matt did at Gizmodo and had him and John recommended to me by a long list of people I really trust,” he told Betabeat in an email.

We wondered just what kind of tech coverage BuzzFeed will pursue. (There’s already so much.)

BuzzFeed editor in chief Ben Smith describes it as “tech for humans.” BuzzFeed will report on the companies, personalities and politics of tech to some degree, he said, but for a mainstream audience. “The humans I meant aren’t humans who work in the tech industry!” he wrote, and “tech coverage can be a very broad thing.”

BuzzFeed will be launching more sections soon, the startup says. Hide your bloggers!

No word on the name for the new tech section. “Stay tuned,” Mr. Smith wrote.


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