CAA Awards Arrive: Hammons Distinguished Artist, Lippard Distinguished Feminist

The Frank Jewett Mather Award goes to David Antin

hammons CAA Awards Arrive: Hammons Distinguished Artist, Lippard Distinguished Feminist

David Hammons performing his "Bliz-aard Ball Sale" piece outside Cooper Union in 1983. (Courtesy the artist)

Today the College Art Association released the winners of its annual awards, and there are some exciting picks. The reliably reclusive David Hammons nabbed the Distinguished Artist Award, Lucy Lippard was named Distinguished Feminist and David Antin was awarded the Frank Jewett Mather Award, which is presented for art criticism.

The awards will be presented at the CAA conference in February. Given Mr. Hammons’s general refusal to appear at public events, it’s anyone’s guess if he’ll show up to accept his award.

We’re particularly excited about Ms. Lippard’s win here at the Gallerist office, since it lets us link to this old New York magazine article, from 1985, that recalls a rather timely episode involving New York Times critic Hilton Kramer. Kay Larson and John Leonard wrote that Mr. Kramer once:

“… hissed the critic Lucy Lippard as she gave a testimonial to advances by women artists, and … then quickly glanced to his companions like a small boy begging peer approval for putting a tack on a teacher’s table.”

The complete list of award winners, courtesy of Artforum, is as follows:

David Hammons, Distinguished Artist Award for Lifetime Achievement
Adrian Piper, Artist Award for Distinguished Body of Work
Lucy R. Lippard, Distinguished Feminist Award
Allan Sekula, Distinguished Lifetime Achievement Award for Writing on Art
David Antin, Frank Jewett Mather Award
Alexander Nagel, Charles Rufus Morey Book Award
Maryan W. Ainsworth, Stijn Alsteens, and Nadine M. Orenstein, Alfred H. Barr Jr. Award
Roy Flukinger, Alfred H. Barr Jr. Award for Smaller Museums, Libraries, Collections, and Exhibitions
Jacki Apple, Distinguished Teaching of Art Award
Gabriel P. Weisberg, Distinguished Teaching of Art History Award
Francesca G. Bewer, CAA/Heritage Preservation Award for Distinction in Scholarship and Conservation
Rebecca Molholt, Arthur Kingsley Porter Prize


  1. George W. Bush says:

    Andrew, Are you glancing to your commenters begging peer approval for taking a poke at Hilton Kramer? I can’t say I approve or disapprove. I can say I just Amazoned myself a copy of Lippard’s novel I See/You Mean. I learned about the book from a terrific website: With Hidden Noise. I also might observe that a lot of old art worlders, a lot of my peers, have wasted their talents just trying to prove they’re NOT Hilton Kramer. I know you’re not Hilton Kramer. I’m interested in your writing because I’m interested in learning about who YOU are.

    1. A.R. says:

      I thought it was a fun story, but that’s a fair point. Thanks, George.