Captain of Costa Concordia Arrested, Charged With Manslaughter

The Titanic's captain went down with the ship.

costaconcordiasunk Captain of Costa Concordia Arrested, Charged With Manslaughter

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Francesco Schettino, captain of the wrecked Italian cruise liner Costa Concordia, may wish he had gone down with his ship. Schettino has been arrested on multiple charges related to the huge ship running aground Friday. The charges include suspicion of multiple manslaughter, abandoning ship and causing a shipwreck.

Regional prosecutors believe Schettino deliberately ordered the ship to take a route between the Tuscan coast and the island of Giglio that caused it to strike a rock and begin to sink.

Europe1 reports a pair of French tourists and a Peruvian crew member drowned when the ship ran aground Friday night. Up to 70 people were still missing after panicked passengers and crew members jumped ship when the Concordia ran into trouble around dinner time on January 13.

Authorities–including the Italian coast guard–are still investigating.

Schettino was in jail Saturday and awaiting interrogation.


This is video of the moment things began to go south aboard the Costa Concordia on Friday night. There’s nothing subtle about it. We’ve removed the video due to legitimate questions about its provenance.


We’ve added an amateur video acquired by Russia Today, taken during the rescue operation. Pure chaos.

via Amateur video: Shocked Costa Concordia passengers escape sinking liner – YouTube.

[Il Messagero, Reuters]


  1. Erik Erikson says:

    …Fuck. What else is there to say.

  2. Elmo Keep says:

    That video from inside a cruise-ship during a hurricane has been on YouTube for a long, long time. It’s not from onboard the Costa Concondia — which is perhaps why the comments have been disabled? 

  3. Elmo Keep says:

    *Concordia, sorry. 

  4. AdeleM says:

    I am convinced that I have seen this clip before and it is not of the tragic accident of the Costa Concordia last night 

    1. Steve says:

      I think you may be right. Editing to reflect that.

  5. Mariadelao says:

    It seems, according to some photos and videos,  well on all the videos and pics, I’ve seen,  that nobody was panicking on board. Of course, It was terrible!, but my question is:
    Should it happen the same if the vessel had had this type of accident in the middle of the sea and hasn’t  sunk only partly, let’s say totally ?. In my opinion, the rescue tasks would have been worse. I’m affraid as videos and images show, this company or even all the cruise companies should check and spend more on security on board.