Carl Paladino on Cuomo: ‘He Didn’t Solve Shit’

Carl Paladino, the Republican gubernatorial candidate who ran against Governor Andrew Cuomo in 2010, is not happy with the rave reviews his former opponent has received for his first year in office. Governor Cuomo has gladly taken credit for solving a $10 billion budget deficit and ushering in a new era of bipartisan cooperation in Albany.

Mr Paladino, who spoke to The Politicker while campaigning for Newt Gingrich in New Hampshire, argued the governor’s supposed budget accomplishments are “an illusion” based on “contrived” numbers. He also blasted the media for failing to question the governor and Republican leaders in Albany for “selling out their constituency to Andrew Cuomo” and distracting voters from “salient issues” with “the nonsense about gay marriage.” Read More