Carlo Scissura Posts $126,000 for Borough President Run

Carlo Scissura, an aide to Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz, happily announced this morning that he’s raised a solid $126,765 so far in his quest to replace his boss, who’s term-limited out in 2013. The numbers were first reported by City & State. “I am humbled by the extensive support my campaign has received from people across our borough” Mr. Scissura said in a release.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Boro president department is one of the biggest scams in this city, maybe in any city. It has NO POWERS. They can’t do anything except go to ribbon cuttings, supermarket openings and mainly shoot their mouths off.

    Mayor Blowme is always threatening to fire cops, firemen, sanitmen, etc. You never hear him says he will fire some staff from Borough President offices. This scumbag of a mayor will cut public services where the workers actually perform a service to the community and doesn’t touch a department that wastes money like it was water.

    Do you know what the Borough President departments cost this city? Are you sitting down? The BP himself gets over $150,000 a year. His 2nd in command, was Scissura, but don’t know who it is now, gets $140,000. That doesn’t sound too bad right?

    But wait. There is a staff of ONE HUNDRED PLUS for EACH of the FIVE boroughs. The salaries for that is more than $25,000,000 for EACH. Yes, that’s right 25 MILLION for each of the FIVE departments. Add to that expenses which I’m sure equal or more than the salaries and you get ANOTHER 25 MILLION making the cost 50 MILLION PER DEPARTMENT.

    Yep, that’s ONE QUARTER BILLION dollars a year for a useless department that can’t make any laws or decisions. Yet, Mayor Blowme doesn’t even think about cutting them.

    Now I know this article is about Carlo Scissura, so here it is. He was with the Board of Education many years ago. He got fired because he didn’t like meetings and didn’t show up for them at times. He had a thriving law practice but I don’t know what happened to that but he got hired by Marty for a paltry $140,000. Wonder if he showed up for that job.

    Then Mayor Blowme appointed him to the Charter Revision Committee. Don’t know what they do, but here’s their job description.

    The Charter Revision Commission is charged with
    reviewing the entire Charter of the City of New York, holding hearings
    in all five boroughs to solicit public input, and issuing a report
    outlining findings and recommendations to amend or revise the Charter.
    Scissura also had a problem showing up there as well. He missed at least one important meeting where he was needed.Oh yeah, he also helped Marty ( with legal stuff as a lawyer) with his house purchase WHILE he was working for him. That’s is illegal, but as usual, Mayor Blowme did nothing about it, no investigation or anything.  Just like when he swept that pig’ Quinn’s slush fund scandal under the rug. Funny how that slush fund had something like 4 million in it and now she has 4 million in campaign monry to run as mayor next term. Guess it’s just a coincidence.So not only is the BP department useless but there’s a lot of hanky panky going on there as well. And they say Chicago is a crooked city.