Chartbeat Raises $1 M Inside Round To Maintain Growth As It Eyes Bigger Funding

Betaworks startup Chartbeat has raised a $1 million inside round from its previous investors to maintain its torrid growth as it looks to raise a much bigger round later this year.

“It’s go big or go home time. We didn’t want to slow down, but we also didn’t want to take money from the wrong people. So we got an inside note to keep things pumping while we go out and find backers for a much bigger round later this year,” Chartbeat CEO Tony Haile told Betabeat. 

Chartbeat’s current investors, who backed a $3 million seed round in Septemeber of 2010, include Index Ventures, O’Reilly AlphTech Ventures, SV Angel, Lowercase Capital, Founder Collective and Lerer Ventures.

The company is currently hiring for:

It has expanded to its own floor above betaworks main office in Chelsea and recently began highlighting some of the fun projects it team experiments on during their 20% time on a site called Chartbeat Labs.