Cliff Stanton to Run for Oliver Koppell’s Council Seat

Cliff Stanton, a local Parents’ Association Co-President and community activist, has registered a committee for term-limited Oliver Koppell’s seat and says he’s moving forward with the campaign.

“We’re moving ahead. We’ve got a ways between now and whenever we get the vote next September. It’s going to be all about raising money, raising my name recognition in the community,” Mr. Stanton said, contending that many area residents are already familiar with him. Among other things, he’s known locally for championing the boycott of the Riverdale Review.

“I’ve had a ringside seat the last few years to what’s happening,” he said explained when asked about his motivations for entering the race. “I’m disturbed by some of the things I’m seeing. The … stubborn refusal to consider creative solutions to our problems in our neighborhood. There’s this pervasive cynicism … that has permeated all aspects of our political, commercial and social life.”

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