Costa Concordia: Death Toll Rises


Divers searching the sunken Italian liner Costa Concordia have discovered two more dead bodies. This brings the death toll to 5, with 17 passengers and crew still missing. On a positive note, more survivors have been found as well, including 3 who were rescued over a day after the Concordia foundered Friday night. Questions continue to dog the ship’s executive staff, particularly Captain Francesco Schettino, who faces accusations of manslaughter in addition to dereliction of duty. Officials have taken to portraying Schettino as inept and believe he abandoned the ship quickly after it plowed into a rock that Schettino claimed was not on any nautical chart. For his part, Schettino insists he was among “the last to leave the ship.” Schettino’s first officer Ciro Ambrosio is also under investigation. [BBC]