Dakota Fanning Cosmo Cover Lines ‘Too Naughty To Say’ to Advertisers?

Just-shy-of-eighteen-year-old Dakota Fanning graces the all-pink cover of February’s Cosmopolitan.

The cover of the version that went out to advertisers (and the Observer) appears to have been edited to remove all mention of “mind-blowing” activity, which reportedly happens even when the cover girl is of age.

Below find the Observer‘s neutered copy and the racy newsstand version.

cosmo Dakota Fanning Cosmo Cover Lines Too Naughty To Say to Advertisers?

In the profile (titled “Welcome to Your Cosmo Years, Dakota”), Ms. Fanning tells Slate’s Jonah Weiner that it might be cool to meet a guy in a coffee shop someday. There’s also a photo of her in high fashion bunny ears, captioned “Two years ago, this would have been cute. Now it’s hot.”

But what if it’s Elle in the bunny ears?


  1. tumpki says:

    Dakota is beautiful. She has worked for everything she has and is classy unlike other “celebrities”. Go Dakota! :)

  2. Lrawren says:

    Dakota had JUST turned 18 in February when the magazine came out, which means that she was underage when the highly sexual photoshoot and interview took place. She may be classy, but this business move is not. She is surrounded by ads all about “how to please a man,” which is an outcry in itself. Men’s magazine don’t feature young men on their covers surrounded by ads about “how to please a woman,” so why is is OK for a young girl to be on the cover of a trashy magazine like this???

    1. Bobo26 says:

      she isn’t even 18 yet…it isn’t February yet. She is still a minor.