David Kelly Named Deputy Editor of Times Book Review

David Kelly, an editor at The New York Times book review, has been promoted to the position of deputy editor. Bob Harris, a 29-year veteran of The New York Times and the most recent deputy editor of the book review,  left the newspaper in mid-December. The book review’s children’s book editor, Pamela Paul, announced Mr. Kelly’s appointment as “official and officially toast-able.”

In his announcement, book review editor Sam Tanenhaus wrote:

In 2005 David joined our team of preview editors, handling a broad range of subjects from sports to culture (high and low) to politics and developing a marquee roster of reviewers (Toni Bentley, David Carr, Frank Rich, Paul Simon, Deborah Solomon, among many others). It’s not surprising that so skilled an editor should also be a witty and amusing writer (see, for example, David’s reviews of memoirs by Barbara Walters and James Wolcott and his wry essay on The Sopranos and cultural studies). No one in our shop commands more respect, and no one is better liked. Please join me in congratulating David on his new job.