Check Out These Nutty ‘Downton Abbey’ Tumblrs

A 'Downton Abbey' confession (

A 'Downton Abbey' confession (

Downton Abbey, the PBS British acquisition about lives and loves among the British ruling class, has inspired a smaller-scale but equally devoted following of, say, the Twilight series. The series’s presence on Tumblr is far beyond that which its creators could have envisioned was possible for a lengthy period drama–to say nothing of its characters, for whom a typewriter is a terrifying novelty.

Downton Abbey Confessions features PostSecret-style confessions from frequent viewers, including “I honestly could not care LESS about Bates. What has he done to make him so amazing?” This site mysteriously stopped posting in November with its proprietor’s own confession: “’m just very short on time lately. If people submit already completed confessions I’ll put them up straight away.” Get Photoshopping, everyone!

The racily titled F*** Yes Downton Abbey features a variety of photos of the cast in real life and in period garb–a distracting juxtaposition, while Downton Abbey GIFs features, generally speaking, GIF moving-image files of the characters in motion. Sadly, the characters are not prone to outside movement, but a GIF file of a British man nodding his head or woman slightly widening her eyes are intriguing as documents of fandon.

Downton Abbeyoncé showcases scenes from the show that rhyme thematically with Beyoncé singles–it’s certainly fortunate that the pop star of the moment has such a backlog of songs dealing with gender equity! Finally, and most esoterically, is The Lamps of Downton Abbey, a Tumblr showing off all the lamps on the series. For example: “Season two, episode seven.  Holy shit!  Check out the massive fringe on that lamp!” Fans of old-school illumination techniques, take note.

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